Unibet Ireland provides customers with one of the best “In play” betting experiences available today. With Live streaming, great in play odds, a great range of bets on loads of markets and they cover a huge range of domestic and international sporting events!

Unibet Overview from Our Team

List of Unibet Sign Up Offers and Free Bets

Unibet Basic Information

Unibet was founded in 1997 and has since grown to have over a thousand employees and operate in 10 different locations worldwide. With Maestro, Visa and Mastercard debit cards to deposit with as well as PayPal it’s clear that Unibet takes a more traditional approach to its payment methods however still incorporates a modern twist with the E-wallet PayPal.

As well as its Sportsbook, Unibet also provides its customers multiple other services such as Casino games, Live Casino, Poker and Bingo which are all heavily used!

The final part of the Unibet portfolio is their range of Apps. With individual apps for the Sportsbook, Casino, Poker and Lottery Unibet really provides its customers with an excellent variety of choices and built in custom features for all elements of its website and apps. Read on for our in depth analysis in this Unibet review.

Unibet Pros & Cons

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Unibet User Ratings

A range of markets
Bonus offers
Payment methods
Sign-up and support
Legal information

Unibet Website, Mobile Version & App Screenshots

Your Unibet account can be accessed from different devices and each version of the sports betting site looks slightly different to the next, but they are all similar and it would be no problem to transition from one to the other.Below we have the view of the website when viewed on a desktop computer.

Now you can see the same website but viewed from a mobile phone.

Finally, you can see what the Unibet sportsbook looks like when you have downloaded and installed the Unibet betting App.

Unibet Free Bets & Promotions

Unibet has a large number of Free bets and bonus promotions for both new and existing customers, which are certain to make your time at the site even more rewarding. At Unibet Free bets are less common that bonus money being put into accounts along with a wagering requirement.

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Unibet Odds

We analyse the odds that Unibet offers and compare it with other bookmakers. Unibet provides some of the best odds on the market for Horse racing and can easily compete with some of the industry’s giants! Unibet provides the best odds on a variety of horses and markets when compared to 21 of the highest rated and best known bookmakers. Unibet provides multiple selections at the best price and even those that aren’t at the best possible odds certainly aren’t far off.

What to Know About Unibet

Unibet is a large betting site with a huge amount going on behind the scenes. There is a lot to know about and we bring you some of the important info below.

Unibet was originally founded in 1997 by Anders Ström and operated out of his home in London. After acquiring a betting licence Anders operated a phone betting business until 1999 when Unibet claim to have launched the first ever betting site. Unibet is now a part of Kindred Group PLC who own 9 online betting sites targeting all around the World.

Unibet has 35 different sports to choose from with hundreds even thousands of bets within each sport! They have the classic games of American football, Basketball, Football and Rugby each offer over a thousand markets and have hundreds of tournaments for the coming days and weeks. They also have more niche sports like handball, curling, political betting and Esports. Unibet has over 10,000 Live matches each month which even dwarfs some of the most popular bookmakers!

Unibet Sports Destinations and Markets

Unibet originated in London, the capital city of England. England has a massive culture built around Rugby and Cricket however the standout sport for England is by far Football! Unibet has partnered with Aston Villa Football Club, a major Premier League level football team as well as Essex, Surrey and Warwickshire cricket clubs!  Unibet provides a huge range of Football matches to bet on with thousands of markets available daily and even includes a whole separate section for Horse racing which can be navigated to from the home page!

Unibet Casino

Unlike many other Irish casinos, Unibet has a full list of game providers placed in a separate tab. In fact, it is a little inaccurate: there are 80 names in the list, but some of them are repeated 2-3 times. It is safe to say, that there are more than 50 providers. The major ones, that provide the large part of games, are well-known brands: Pragmatic, Microgaming, Blueprint. The quantity leaders are Play’N Go and Evolution, with over 200 games each.

Unibet allows even unregistered users to try slots, blackjack and roulette by playing for virtual money. When switching to a game, there are two options: Play for real (for real money) and Play for fun (for virtual money).

It is worth noting good informational work: an RTP (the percentage of return to customers of all the wagered money as winnings) is indicated for all games, many of them have a text description.

Unibet Casino gives away Free spins to bingo players. The more lines you win in 75-balls or 90-balls bingo, the more Free spins you can get by the end of the week. It also has a ranking table. Free spins are awarded to 85 top bingo players. The smallest prize is 10 Free spins, the top one is 1000 Free spins. They can be used only in the Cluster Tumble and Dead Man’s Trail games.

Unibet also has poker. According to the website information, you can play it right in a browser without downloading anything. But the app is still more convenient. At least, nothing came out of an attempt to play in a browser from a smartphone.

Unibet Live-betting

Unibet provides customers with a lot of in play betting options. They cover hundreds of Live matches every day and the in play markets give the option to Cash out bets early and the live streaming of the majority of in play events directly from their site can help with this decision. Not only do Unibet provide a huge range of sports covered but they have a large number of markets too and they also offer some of the best odds available on a variety of different events across their whole live sportsbook. Unibet’s Cash out option functions identically to most other regular “Cash out” features and allows users to essentially withdraw their winnings from an event before it is over.

Streaming on Unibet

Unibet provides streaming for a range of events across its sportsbook and for almost every major event. Although viewing the Live streaming does require players to have made an account and deposited there is also an excellent statistics centre providing information for matches and events. The statistics centre provides all of the visual info you see on screen but in a written format and may be much easier to digest for some users.

How to Sign Up For Unibet

  1. To sign up with Unibet go to the Unibet homepage and navigate to the bright yellow “Register” button. The first part of the sign up process is your personal details. For this section you will need to include your first and last name, Email address, gender and date of birth. To bet in Ireland you must be at least 18 years old so make sure your real age is reflected in your date of birth.
  2. The next step in the sign up process requires your home address, postcode and city name as well as your phone number. Make sure to use your personal phone number and the address you live at, not at a temporary residence such as staying at a spouse’s or friend’s address.
  3. Now you need to choose a password! Make sure you use an individual and secure password for this account as your finances can be accessed from your betting account. The password requirements on Unibet are as follows. Your password must have 8 – 40 characters and at least 1 special character (such as an exclamation mark, question mark or full stop) When creating passwords be careful not to use family names, your personal names, numbers such as your birthday or significant dates such as your wedding day etc.
  4. Once you have done that and submitted your information, as long as there were no errors your account is created and you are ready to go.

How to Bet at Unibet

Placing a bet at Unibet is a fairly simple process and after your first time placing a bet it only gets easier!  The first step is to click the Unibet sign in button and enter your Username and Password. The second step of placing a bet is making sure you have sufficient funds in your account. If you don’t and you haven’t placed a deposit yet feel free to read the “How to Make a Deposit to Unibet” section first and then come back.

Assuming that you have sufficient funds in your account choosing your sport, event and market is the next task at hand. If it’s your first time betting, choose a sport you’re interested in or just the one you know the most about. After selecting your sport of choice, as well as the event or league and the market you would like to bet on you must enter an amount.  €10 is a fairly standard bet and depending on the odds can easily reap a large reward. After selecting your sport, event, market and amount you can finally place your bet and from that point on sit back and enjoy the event and await your potential rewards! It is exactly the same process for both pre match and live betting.

How to Edit a Bet at Unibet

Unfortunately at present you can not edit a bet at Unibet. Once it has been placed that is that and you are committed to those choices. Some other bookmakers have started to add the ability to edit bets by removing or adding certain legs of an accumulator but it is not the industry standard.

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Payment Methods at Unibet

Unibet provides customers with 5 payment methods in a variety of different formats. With Card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Online banking to choose from there is certainly going to be at least one method you already have at your disposal. Debit cards are a frequently used and trusted payment method that almost everybody has worldwide. Unibet allows the use of debit cards for values from  €5 –  €10,000 with no fee. There is a fairly high minimum withdrawal amount of €15 and payments can take up to three days.

PayPal is another internationally used and respected payment method used by hundreds of thousands of people and most major businesses. PayPal also can be used to deposit values from  €10 –  €10,000 with no fee. There is a €10 minimum withdrawal limit and payments are made in around 12 hours.

Online banking is similar to paying using a Debit card however with the addition of Trustly, as well as a variety of popular banks such as Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC and Santander. Online banking has deposit limits of  €5 –  €10,000 with no fee. You can also withdraw for free with a €10 minimum limit and payments will take up to 24hrs to arrive.

The final payment method available on Unibet is Skrill and Neteller who are partner sites. They were the original online gambling E-wallets and they function similarly to PayPal. Each allows customers to deposit  €5 – €10,000 with no fee and withdrawals are free too. The minimum withdrawal amount is €10 and should be paid in up to 12 hours.

Depositing on Unibet is a simple and short process no matter which method you wish to use! After making sure your account is logged in, select the deposit icon in the top right corner of the screen. From there a pop-up window should open where you can select your payment method. Depending on the method you would like to use to deposit the information necessary changes however in this example should you be using a debit card you are required to provide your card number, expiry date and security number (or CVV). After entering your information you must also enter the amount you would like to deposit. Each payment method has a varying minimum deposit and maximum deposit limits (these are listed both on the deposit page and above in this article). Select the amount you wish to deposit and tick the “Funds protection information box” to proceed with your deposit. Deposits should usually hit your account quickly where you are free to bet with any funds in your account!

After placing a couple of winning bets there’s more money in your account than you started with and you’d like to withdraw it. The first step is making sure you are logged in to your account on the Unibet site or app. Step 2 is to select the drop-down arrow next to the bonus section in the top right of the page and then select “Account” in that newly shown drop-down menu. From here select “Bank” which is shown on the right-hand side of the page and select “Withdraw money”. From here select your desired withdrawal method from the list shown. (Make sure to think about the withdrawal time before you commit to a withdrawal method) Select the amount you would like to withdraw and enter any required information as this varies from method to method. Finally, click Withdraw and wait for your withdrawal to enter your bank.

Unibet App

The Unibet Mobile app is very similar if not identical to the site in every way. It offers the same functionality in almost every regard including the ability to deposit, withdraw, bet, bet in play, and cash out! Although the mobile app does have a slightly different layout due to the fact that the site is horizontal which gives much more horizontal space to play with. This is as opposed to the verticality of the mobile app but regardless you have exactly the same in play betting options.

The app has a 3-star review on the Apple App Store. Although some of this is due to “unhelpful customer service” as well as issues with account verification or the inability to cash out or withdraw in some circumstances the vast majority of the reviews are positive. Reviews that aren’t negative due to issues with the app almost all claim a positive experience with enjoyable markets and a fairly good experience, especially is used for in-play betting.

Required SofwareAndroid 8.0 and lateriOS 9.0 and higher
App Size34.6 MB50.8 MB
Where to downloadPlay StoreApp Store

Unibet Security

We tell you how safe this bookmaker is for betting. We talk about the licence, the security certificates and the security guarantees for users’ personal data.

Unibet is a very safe and secure online bookmaker. With all of your personal information encrypted using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology (essentially layers upon layers of encryption) Unibet is certified by Trustwave. As well as this Unibet is certified as adhering to the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard. The security of Unibet’s systems are tested multiple times per year by third party cyber security experts and has an Intrusion Detection System that monitors all traffic on Unibet’s network 24/7 for any sign of intrusions or attacks.

Customer Service at Unibet

We tell you how the support team works and what the options are for contacting the team are.

Unibet provides a help centre for customers to access providing information on various topics to do with  Unibet. Announcements, My account, Registration, Bonuses and Promotions, Deposit and Withdrawals, Safer gambling and Sports betting to name just a few of the categories to choose from. As well as this Unibet provides 24/7 customer support via a variety of methods. Live chat, Email and a Freephone number are all available for all customers to access at any time of the day 7 days a week.

Tips and Tricks for Betting at Unibet

There are a few pieces of general advice that apply to online gambling whilst watching your favourite games and you will not go too far wrong if you follow these rules.

Budget sensibly and set aside a gambling “bankroll” which is ringfenced and separate to your normal day to day finances. This will allow you to detach emotionally to wins and losses as it has no real effect on your life and is just numbers on a screen. It also means that you can not get carried away and lose this months rent money!

Dont rush when you are betting, if a game is about to kick off in 30 seconds time and you have not got your bets in yet then maybe it was not meant to be, and let it go rather than rush and potentially make a mistake. Errors can not always be fixed but if you have placed the bet a day before the event starts then there is some hope that you may be able to, but if you make a mistake as an event is about to begin you will have no chance. We would add to this do not bet on virtual sports, because they never really end and sometimes the natural conclusion of a sporting event is a good way to take a break.

Specialise in what you bet on, perhaps research a small number of popular sports, and even a small number of teams and players. There is too much information out there for you to be an expert at everything, so try to focus on just a few areas that you enjoy and are good at betting on.

This may be common sense but obviously do not gamble when you are drunk (or angry). Your judgement will be impaired and you are prone to doing stupid things that you will regret in the morning.

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Unibet Frequently Asked Questions