Betting Sites That Accept Credit Cards in Ireland September 2023

Today there are no betting sites that accept credit cards in Ireland. This article explains the Irish prohibitions on credit card gambling aimed at reducing consumer harm. We also overview the differences between debit and credit cards and present the top Irish betting sites accepting convenient, safe debit card payments to deposit funds and withdraw your winnings.

What is Credit Card

A credit card is a payment card that provides the cardholder with a revolving line of credit from the issuing bank. Unlike debit cards that draw from your own cash balance, credit cards allow you to borrow up to a set limit for purchases. The credit limit is based on the lender’s assessment of the applicant’s creditworthiness. Credit card issuers charge interest, often high double-digit rates, on any unpaid card balance carried over month to month. Responsible credit card use means paying the monthly bill in full and avoiding interest fees. Credit cards build credit history when used properly. But carrying a balance leads to mounting interest costs.

Why Bookmakers don’t Accept Credit Card Payments in Ireland?

Ireland has implemented growing restrictions on using credit cards for online betting deposits to curb potential consumer harm. New 2021 gambling legislation empowered enforcement against credit card transactions for any Irish-licensed gambling. That’s why you won’t find bookmakers that accept credit cards in Ireland.

Banking app Revolut also voluntarily blocked credit card payments to gambling sites following an internal risk inquiry. And William Hill bookmakers barred credit card deposits in alignment with the Irish Safer Gambling Code of practice.

An Irish betting lobby group previously called for adopting UK-style comprehensive prohibitions on online betting sites that accept credit cards. This demand came amidst rising problem gambling rates tied to credit card misuse. It reflected recognition that consistent anti-credit card regulations are needed across jurisdictions.

These efforts seek to reduce financial and addiction issues associated with borrowing for gambling. By closing credit loopholes across legislation, banking, and industry practices, Ireland is taking assertive steps to limit harm.

Credit Cards and Gambling Addiction

The relationship between credit cards and gambling addiction has garnered increasing attention in recent years. Several studies have demonstrated that individuals who use credit cards to gamble online are at higher risk of developing gambling problems and addiction compared to those using other payment methods. This has led some countries to ban credit card gambling entirely. Below we review the research on this issue and policy measures undertaken in major markets like the UK and Ireland.

Research by the University of Bristol found that credit card gambling patrons were nearly 2 times more likely to be problem gamblers compared to non-credit card customers. The instant access to borrowed funds and deposit at credit card bookmakers facilitates excessive spending. And the abstraction of using a card dampens perception of losing real cash.

A University of Warwick study similarly showed credit card gamblers had over 2 times higher frequency of gambling debt. They also faced bigger financial hardships from gambling than non-credit card users. The researchers conclude that credit card-funded gambling exacerbates addictive behavior and harm.

These findings have supported policy reforms like the UK blanket ban on credit cards for gambling transactions implemented in 2020. This move followed a multi-year process reviewing evidence of harm and consulting industry stakeholders. The UK Gambling Commission has since reported promising early signs of reduced risk since enacting the credit card gambling prohibition. Declines were seen in self-reported harm metrics.

Ireland similarly imposed a credit card gambling ban in 2021 to protect consumers. Problem gambling rates remain an acute concern in Ireland. With most leading bookmakers agreeing to block credit card deposits, this voluntary initiative aims to limit accumulation of betting debt.

The Differences Between Credit and Debit Cards

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