Best Esports Betting Sites

In recent years there has been an increased demand for Esports betting. A new generation of bettors is showing great interest in CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and other computer games. Betting on them can be just as interesting as betting on sports. Although the field of eSports betting is still in its infancy, betting sites are actively introducing new markets and expanding the range of events.

There are plenty of online betting sites offering odds on Esports, but not all of them are the same. Some Esports betting sites offer only a limited selection of games and markets, while others may have low odds or poor customer service.

To help you find the best online betting site for eSport, we ranked Esports betting sites based on factors such as the range of games and markets offered, betting odds, customer service and others. Check out our list of the best eSports betting websites below.

Best Esports Bookmakers

How to Sign up with an Esports betting website?

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to create an online sportsbook account and make an Esports bet:

  1. Click on the “Join Now” or “Sign Up” button. It is usually placed in the upper right corner of the home page;
  2. Fill in the registration form. The required fields are username, password, email address, name, date of birth, etc.;
  3. Accept the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. To do so, tick the respectful box;
  4. Click on the “Join Now” or “Sign Up” button again. Once you have completed all these steps, you can log into your account and start betting. Good luck!

How to Place a Bet at Esports Betting Sites?

The way the Esports betting sites work is similar, so here are universal instructions on how to place a bet on an Esports match:

  1. Go to the Esports category. Open the section of a specific tournament, if it isn’t presented on the home page.
  2. Choose the event and market you want to bet on.
  3. Add the amount you want to bet to your betslip (or use a free bet if you got one).
  4. Click on the “Place Bet” button to confirm your bet.

Bookmakers with the Best Esports Odds

Free Bets and Welcome Offers for Esports

As Esports online is not a main focus for Irish bookmakers, special promotions for this sport are not usually offered even on best betting sites. However, many sports betting sites provide various bonuses without a link to Esports. Most of them are aimed at new customers. Let’s take a look at some of the free Esports bets offers.

Most Popular Esports and Competitions to Bet On

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

A tactical shooter with a 20-year history in Esports world. The current version of the game (CS:GO) was released in 2012. It is used in the vast majority of Counter-Strike competitions, although some tournaments use the 1.6 Classic Edition.

Competitive Mode is the most popular mode in Esports and online betting, where five-person teams face off against each other. One map has 30 rounds in regular time. Teams switch sides after 15 rounds. If team A played on the Counter-terrorists (CT) side in the first half, they will play on the Terrorists (T) side in the second half. To become the winner, you have to win 16 rounds with two rounds of handicaps. If the main phase (regular) ends in a draw (15:15) the overtimes begin — phases of 6 rounds: one team must play 3 rounds each for the CT and T sides. To win in overtime you have to win 4 rounds out of 6 in any overtime phase. This rule applies to most tournaments, on rare occasions competitions allow a draw as the final result of the match. The number of overtimes and game time are not limited.

In the best of 1 (bo1) format only one map is played in a match, but usually several maps are played. The most popular format is bo3, which requires winning two maps to win. Finals of larger tournaments are often played in bo5 (up to 3 winning maps). There is also a bo2 format, in this case a draw is possible.

Other modes include 1×1 and 2×2. However they are rarely used — usually in exhibition matches of top tournaments or semi-professional competitions.

The most popular Esports bets on Counter-Strike matches are Team to win the match or map, over/under and handicaps by rounds and kills, individual over/under of player’s kills, Round 1 winner and Round 16 winner (the first round of the second half). Some Esports betting sites provide a market on a conditional duel of players: for example, the winner will be the one who makes the most frags, regardless of the result of the match.

CS:GO has several organizers who run regular tournaments at various levels. The most prestigious tournaments (they are usually called Major tournaments) are hosted by Valve. That’s why we’re not pointing out specific tournaments, but rather the companies that run the most popular competitions in Counter-Strike:

  • PGL
  • IEM (Intel Extreme Masters)
  • ESL (Electronic Sports League)
  • BLAST Premier
  • ESEA
  • Pinnacle Cup and Series
  • Global Esports
  • DreamHack
  • Elisa Invitational

Top 3 bookmakers to bet on CS:GO

Dota 2

Defense of the Ancients is one of the oldest competitive games along with Counter-Strike. The second part, released in 2013, is used for modern tournaments.

In Dota 2’s most popular mode teams of five (Radiant and Dire) face off against each other on the same map with bases, buildings, shopkeepers and creep camps (neutral characters). Each player chooses a hero from over 100 options according to their own skill, teamwork and counter factors against their opponents.

Destroying an enemy ancient (or throne) is necessary to win. In the course of the game, players gain experience and upgrade characters, buy items and artifacts to increase the various characteristics of the heroes. The main sources of experience and gold are from killing enemies and different creeps.

The betting site offers such options like Team to win the match or Team to win by kills, over/under and handicaps by kills, players’ statistics. You can also bet on first blood, first kill of Roshan (the most powerful and profitable creep in the game), first destruction of the tower.

Some regular tournaments are firmly entrenched with specific organizations, but the biggest tournaments are run by different companies.

List of the most popular Dota 2 tournaments:

  • The International (TI)
  • Major
  • DPC (Dota Pro Circuit). Various regions
  • BTS Pro Series (Beyond The Summit)
  • OGA Dota PIT (One Game Agency)

Top 3 bookmakers to bet on Dota 2

League of Legends

Released in 2009, the game was intended to be an alternative to the first edition of Dota. It adheres to the canons of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, so it is similar to its main competitor in rules and gameplay.

The most popular match format for betting is a 5×5 game between two teams. The main objective is to destroy the opponent’s nexus (analogous to ancient in Dota). Before the game starts, each team chooses 5 champions (heroes), and then they should be upgraded by killing the opponent’s players, creeps and towers, and buying artifacts.

Despite the similarities between MOBA games, Dota experience is almost useless for betting on League of Legends. The pace of LoL is much slower, so the number of kills is relatively lower. The mechanics of the champions’ control are as different as the set of champions themselves.

The most popular tournaments in League of Legends are clearly structured. Top teams compete in regional leagues which are held in spring and summer. Regional regular leagues are used to get into international tournaments. List of the most prestigious LoL Esports events:

  • LPL (LoL Pro League — China)
  • LCS (LoL Championship Series — North America)
  • LEC (LoL European Championship — Europe)
  • LCK (LoL Champions Korea)
  • Mid-Season Invitational
  • World Championship

Top 3 bookmakers to bet on League of Legends

Other Esports disciplines

There are several dozen other competitive games that have tournaments. Apart from the Big Three, competitions are quite popular in the following games:

  • Overwatch
  • Valorant
  • Rainbow Six
  • Call of Duty
  • Rocket League
  • Starcraft 2
  • King of Glory
  • Fortnite
  • PUGB
  • FIFA
  • NBA2K

Unfortunately, they are not in demand among Irish bettors, so national bookmakers rarely offer Esports waggers on them.

Live Betting on Esports

In terms of Esports betting during a match, Esports are different from traditional sports. When choosing a bookmaker for Live betting, the following factors should be considered:

  • Make sure the match is available for Live betting. Esports is an emerging area of betting. Our top bookmakers offer bets on many pre-match events, but they won’t necessarily have an in-play market. If you expect to bet during the match, check this in advance. Many Esports betting sites have a special sign or icon informing you that live and streaming are available.
  • Some functions may not be available. Cash out is rarely offered on Esports matches. It is also rare to be able to assemble accumulators with in-play bets. Use of a free bet may also be restricted.
  • Observe the features of the in play betting. During the course of a match, bets may be closed repeatedly. This is a natural process for some Esports, especially for unpopular games, but the measure is determined individually. Some bookmakers don’t close the in-play line at all, while the others allow you to bet 75% of the time, and some leave just a couple of minutes per hour of the game and that is not an exaggeration. Unfortunately bookmakers’ policies vary too much between disciplines to be able to draw a clear bottom line, so you have to observe it individually.
  • Live streaming is delayed. In the vast majority of cases the bettor watches the game with a lag in relation to the actual moment of the match. This is the case even for the online tournaments. The Esports betting sites always have direct access to the match: to the server or to the venue. They give odds without delay, according to what the bookmaker can see, but not yet seen by the bettor. This makes Live betting difficult, but there’s nothing you can do about it. To bet during the match, you have to monitor the situation according to the bookmaker’s information on the website — it is published with minimal delay and ahead of the Live streaming.

Is Esports Betting Legal in Ireland?

Yes, online betting is legal in the Republic of Ireland as long as the bookmaker is licensed by the Irish Revenue Commissioners. All legal best Esports betting sites offer Esports betting markets. If you’re unsure about whether a bookmaker is licensed, you can check the list of licensed operators on the Revenue Commissioners website.

There are no separate websites for betting on Esports alone. Most bookmakers have a section on their websites that contains Esports betting markets. The most popular Esports games to bet on in the Republic of Ireland are League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, you can also bet on other games such as Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.


In this article, we have provided information to help you choose the most suitable Esports betting site. Let’s look at the main criteria for choosing a sports betting site:

  • Place your bets with legal bookmakers. Match.Center only cooperates with licensed Irish bookmakers who comply with the laws of the country and pay taxes. With our advice, you can rest assured that you can bet legally and safely.
  • Start betting with bonuses. The gambling market is very competitive. The best Esports betting sites are fighting for customers, especially new ones. You can choose among many welcome bonus offers. In our Free Bets and Welcome Offers for Esports section you can find the most exciting ones.
  • Bet on Esports at the best odds. Bookmakers make money on margins, but there’s always a limit. This is especially important for bettors who play for small winnings. For them, odds that are too low can turn into losses over the long haul. Check out the best offers in our list of Bookmakers with the Best Esports Odds to learn about the companies that offer competitive odds on the Irish Esports betting market.
  • Choose a bookmaker to bet on particular Esports betting markets. The Esports titles are different, both in nature and in terms of betting. You should be able to bet on what you like. Despite the conservative nature of the Irish betting market, we can advise you on bookmakers for betting on popular Esports disciplines. For more details, please check out the Most Popular Esports and Competitions to Bet On section.

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