How Long Does Geoff Banks Withdrawal Take


Geoff Banks offers two withdrawal options: debit cards Visa/Mastercard and PayPal. Visa and Mastercard withdrawals have a 1-3 working day processing time, while PayPal withdrawals take 1-3 working days as well. Payments are processed following the day of making a request.


10% of First Month Losses Refund up to £500

The current promotion for new Geoff Banks Online accounts involves using the code "REG500" during the registration process to receive up to £500 refunded as real money following the first month of holding the account. The refund consists of 10% of any net losses made during the first month of placing online bets at Geoff Banks, with a maximum rebate of £500 per customer. Refunds are made in real money (not Free bets) and may be withdrawn. To be eligible for the promo of the Geoff Banks bookmaker, customers must sign up, online deposit and place 10 settled bets as a minimum within the opening month of their Geoff Banks betting account. The bookmaker will calculate the rebate amount and must pay it out by the 32nd day of the account opening.

Geoff Banks Withdrawal Methods






Debit cards Visa/ MasterCard


1-3 working day


£20 000



1-3 working day


£20 000

Visa y Mastercard

Geoff Banks Withdrawal Method — Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard)

The debit card withdrawal option can take up to 1-3 working days for a transaction to be completed. The minimum debit card extraction amount for this method is £10, while the maximum amount that you can withdraw is £20 000. Note that the winnings extraction time might vary, depending on your payment option processing the transaction. There are no dues charged for this option, but do check whether your banking institution charges any fees for processing such transactions. 

Geoff Banks Withdrawal Method — PayPal

Winnings extraction from the Geoff Banks betting account to the PayPal e-wallet takes up to 1-3 working days. The minimum amount you can take out from your Geoff Banks betting account with this option is £10, while the max amount is £20 000. There are no fees charged for winnings withdrawals via PayPal, but it is worth noting that the extraction time may depend on various factors, including the verification process, your account status or your place of stay.

Unacceptable Withdrawal Methods

neteller logo


An e-wallet that is supported by a third of legal UK bookmakers, Neteller is not available as one of payout methods on the Geoff Banks website. The winnings extraction time for this e-wallet is usually 24 hours. The minimum payout amount for this payment option is £10, and the maximum extraction amount is £10 000 per transaction.



An e-wallet similar to the mentioned above, Skrill allows users to make online transactions without sharing their banking details with third-party merchants. Unfortunately, this e-wallet is not supported as one of winnings extraction methods by the Geoff Banks website. Skrill usually takes 24 hours to process winnings withdrawals, with a minimum amount of £10 and a maximum of £10 000 per transaction.



The paysafecard prepaid card that is widely used for online purchases, is not supported by the Geoff Banks website as a winnings extraction method. While the prepaid card is mainly used as an online deposit option, paysafecard also allows users to withdraw funds. The minimum withdrawal amount is usually set at £5, but the maximum payout amount is usually £500. It takes up to 8 hours for winnings to reach your paysafecard account.

How To Withdrawal From Geoff Banks

Already have something in your Geoff Banks account? Here is a step-by-step instruction for withdrawing winnings from the Geoff Banks account:

  • On the site of the bookie, click on the arrow in the top right corner.
  • Go to "My account".

  • Choose "Request Withdrawal" on the left of the page.
  • Enter your debit card number or authorise for a PayPal extraction via the bookmaker's site.
  • Click "Withdraw".

Geoff Banks Withdrawal Times FAQs

Does Geoff Banks Pay Instantly?

Geoff Banks does not offer instant withdrawals at this time. Usually, extraction time for all payment methods is 1-3 working days. It's worth noting that the payout time also depends on factors such as a payment method and transaction volume. If you have any concerns about the status of your extraction, it's best to contact customer support for more information.

What Withdrawal Methods Can I Use At Geoff Banks?

At Geoff Banks, you can use a Visa/Mastercard debit card and PayPal to make withdrawals. But keep in mind that the bank where you have your bank account may charge a transaction fee. It's recommended to check the specific withdrawal options available to you by being logged into your account and navigating to "Request Withdrawal".

I'm having the Geoff Banks Withdrawal Problems, What Can I Do?

If you have any difficulties, make sure to provide the bookie with all the relevant information such as your card or bank account details, the extraction option you used, and the amount you're trying to withdraw. In case you haven't done it yet, check the extraction terms and conditions to ensure that you meet all the requirements for a successful withdrawal. Also you can contact the Geoff Banks support service in several ways: send a request by email, call their customer service number, or send a letter by mail. 

Can I Change Withdrawals At Geoff Banks?

Geoff Banks prohibits changes to withdrawal requests once they have been processed and approved. This is due to the fact that the bookmaker follows strict rules established by the UK Gambling Commission. This is to ensure that customers receive their winnings in a timely and secure manner and to prevent any potential issues that may arise from changes made after the money extraction request has been submitted. Therefore, it is important for customers to review all payout information before submitting a request to avoid any mistakes or errors that could cause delays or complications. It is recommended that clients take their time to double-check all details and ensure that they are accurate before submitting a winnings extraction request.

How Do I Cancel A Withdrawal At Geoff Banks?

Geoff Banks does not allow players to cancel an extraction request once it has been initiated. This is in accordance with responsible gambling guidelines and regulations set by the UK Gambling Commission. Once a winnings extraction request is submitted, the process is initiated, and the funds are no longer available in the player's account. It is recommended to carefully consider the amount and timing of a winnings extraction request to ensure that it aligns with your financial needs and responsible gambling practices. If you have any questions or concerns regarding an extraction request, you can contact Geoff Banks customer support for assistance.

Is It Easy to Withdraw Money from Geoff Banks?

Yes, it's usually as easy to withdraw money from Geoff Banks as it is to deposit funds. The sportsbook offers only two withdrawal options: cards and PayPal. Although there's no bank transfer, paysafecard, or Skril options, the process is simple and can be completed in just a few simple steps. Customers can initiate a winnings extraction request via their account dashboard, and once it's approved, the funds are usually processed within 1-3 working days, depending on the selected method. However, in rare cases, some customers may experience money extraction problems or delays, and in such cases, it's best to contact the Geoff Banks support team for assistance.


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