How Long Does a Spreadex Withdrawal Take?


Spreadex website offers three withdrawal methods for UK customers: Debit cards (Visa, Switch, Maestro), Mastercard (max. limits are 10 times smaller that for other cards), and online bank transfer. Strangely, the fastest method is online bank wire transfer, with withdrawals processed in 1-3 business days. Cards, including Visa, Switch and Maestro, and Mastercard have withdrawal times of 1-5 business days.

Find the detailed Spreadex withdrawal time table below.

Spreadex Withdrawal Methods






Online Bank Transfer


1-3 business days



Debit Cards (Visa, Switch, Maestro)


1-5 business days





1-5 business days



Payouts at Spreadex are generally free of charge, except for international rtansactions in non-sterling currencies or when opting for the same-day transfer service, which incurs a £25 fee. You can also request to payout over the phone or via email. However, Spreadex does not accept third-party payments or e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller.

The Match.Center experts recommend opting for online bank transfer to ensure the quickest withdrawal process.

bank transfer

Spreadex Withdrawal Method — Online Bank Transfer

An online bank transfer at Spreadex is a secure and relatively fast option for moving funds from your Spreadex account to your bank account, with processing times of 1-3 working days. The minimum amount is £1, and there is no set maxlimit. It is important to note that online bank transfers may be subject to additional fees when dealing with international transactions or non-sterling currencies. In addition, the processing time may vary depending on your bank's procedures and policies.

Lloyds clients can request Chaps same-day transfer, that is subject to a £25 charge. For amounts over £50,000 the deadline to ensure delivery on that day is 10:00 and for amounts under £50,000 the deadline is 13:00.

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Spreadex Withdrawal Method — Debit Cards (Visa, Switch, Maestro)

Using cards like Visa, Switch or Maestro provides a familiar and widely accepted option for most Spreadex customers, with processing times of 1-5 business days. The minimum withdrawal amount is £1, while the maximum amount to withdraw is £25,000. Multiple withdrawals can be made in a single day if necessary.

Spreadex ensures that all requests made to a card are returned to the card used for depositing funds, as per their security protocols.


Spreadex Withdrawal Method — Mastercard

Mastercard at Spreadex are similar to other cards in terms of time, and processing a request takes of 1-5 business days. It is worth noting, although, that Mastercard has a 10 times lower maxlimit, so customers with larger winnings may need to consider alternative options. The minimum to withdraw with MC is £1, and the maximum amount is just £2,500. Spreadex processes requests in compliance with their security policies, ensuring that funds are returned to the card used for depositing.

Non-Accepted Withdrawal Methods



A popular prepaid payment solution, paysafecard allows customers to make online payments without sharing personal banking information. However, Spreadex does not support paysafecard withdrawals. Generally, the min payout amount for paysafecard on UK betting sites is £10, while the maximum withdrawal amount is up to £2,000.



Skrill, an e-wallet service for making online payments securely and quickly, is not supported for withdrawals at Spreadex. Typically, Skrill withdrawals on UK betting sites have a processing time of 1-2 business days, with min and max withdrawal amounts of £10 and £25,000, respectively.



Unfortunately, Spreadex site does not accept it either for withdrawals or as a deposit method. On other UK betting sites, Neteller requests usually take 1-2 business days to process, with min and max limits of £10 and £50,000.

How to Withdraw from Spreadex

  • Log in to your Spreadex account at their betting site and navigate to "My Account" tab.
  • Select "Withdraw Funds" and follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the money transfer process.

  • Choose among your preferred payment options (debit card or online bank transfer).
  • Enter the withdrawal amount, ensuring it falls within the minimum and maximum limits you able to withdraw, and your bank details.
  • Confirm your withdrawal request and review the processing time.

Alternatively, you can request a withdrawal over the phone by calling the Back Office team on 01727 895 000 or via email at [email protected].

Keep in mind that all money withdrawn to a card must be returned to the card used for depositing funds, and there may be fees for international or same-day withdrawals.

Tips for Smooth Withdrawals

  • Ensure you have a minimum of £50 in your account, excluding margins on open trading positions, to make a withdrawal from Spreadex.
  • Verify your account with the required documents before initiating a request to avoid delays.
  • Use the same option for deposit and withdrawal, as this simplifies the process and adheres to Spreadex's requirements.
  • Be aware of any withdrawal fees associated with international payouts or same-day transfers.

Spreadex Video Review

Spreadex does not surprise with the range of payment means, but it amazes with betting and trading possibilities. Get to know the service with our short video review.

Spreadex video review

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spreadex Pay Instantly?

No, Spreadex does not offer instant withdrawals. The withdrawal processing times vary depending on the chosen system, ranging from 1-3 business days for online bank wire transfers to 1-5 business days for cards.

What Withdrawal Methods Can I Use At Spreadex?

At Spreadex, you can use debit cards (Visa, Switch, Maestro), Mastercard, or online bank wire transfers for withdrawing funds from your betting account. Each has different processing times and limits, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

I'm Having Spreadex Withdrawal Problems, What Can I Do?

If you encounter any issues with Spreadex withdrawals, contact their customer services team for assistance. Ensure that your account is verified, and you have at least £50 in available funds.

How Do I Cancel A Withdrawal At Spreadex?

Due to UKGC regulations in 2023, it is no longer possible to cancel payouts at Spreadex or any other bookmaker. This rule aims to promote responsible gambling and protect vulnerable players.

Is It Easy to Withdraw Money from Spreadex?

Yes, it is straightforward to withdraw money from Spreadex. Simply follow the step-by-step guide provided in the "How to Withdraw from Spreadex" section, ensuring you use a valid method for both depositing and taking out.


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