Betting Sites Promotions & Betting Offers in the Philippines

There aren't many legal bookmakers in the Philippines yet, but you can find some good sports betting sites promotions here too. How do you choose the best betting offer? Read our review and you'll find out. You may not have to choose, because there aren't many bonuses - so why not try them all? On this page, the Match.Center team of experts explain how to use the most popular promotions of the Philippine bookmakers, describe in detail all companies that offer bonuses to their customers and answer frequently asked questions.

Betting Sites Promos List

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  • Bonuses
  • Over 30 sports
  • Over 20 payment methods

For new customers with verified accounts only. Make your first deposit and make a parlay of between ₱100 and ₱2500. Minimum of 3 events in a parlay with odds of 1.3 per bet. Pre-match and live bets are accepted. No restrictions on types of bets or sports. If your bet loses, you will get back 100% of the bet amount. Free bets valid for 5 days. T&C Apply

  • Bonuses
  • Great odds
  • Apps for iOS and Android

Make a deposit of 1000 Philippine Pesos and verify your identity within 30 days after signing up. OKBet will issue a PHP 1000 Security Deposit Bonus. Win it back with a wager of x1.

  • Over 80 football leagues
  • Large range of markets for MLB
  • Great odds on tennis and baseball

Types of Sport Betting Bonuses in the Philippines

Bookmakers offer many types of bonuses: betting sign up offers, bonuses for existing customers and others. We start our bonus research by clarifying two parameters.

Who can get bonuses:

  • Sign up offers for new customers;
  • Bonuses for those who already have an account.

How the bonus is awarded:

  • Free bets
  • Cash bonuses
  • Loyalty Points
  • Enhanced odds and other special conditions

In this section, we take an in-depth look at each type of bonus you may find on the Philippine online sports betting sites and explain all the terms and conditions.

Welcome offer

This is the general name for the sign up offers a bookmaker provides to new customers. Occasionally they are given just for registering, but more often for the first deposit or first bet, which may have certain eligibility requirements. A Welcome bonus can be awarded in Free bets or cash.

In the Philippines, three bookmakers offer Welcome bonuses. At Winzir and OKBet, it's a 100% cash bonus for a deposit of 1000 PHP or more. MegaSportsWorld (MSW) provides new customers a 500 PHP Free bet. To get it, you must wager 10000 PHP within the first three months of signing up, and the bets must be settled (i.e. not cancelled or refunded). 

Security deposit bonus

Security deposit is a recommendation of the PAGCOR regulatory. According to them, the bettor must have an irreducible account balance of 1000 PHP in the first 30 days after making a deposit. Since it is a recommendation and not a strict requirement, the bookmaker does not freeze the account itself. But it does offer bonuses to those bettors who can fulfil the requirement. If the balance drops below 1000 PHP during those 30 days, the punter won't get the bonus.

Security deposit bonus is offered by Winzir and OKBet.

No deposit bonus

A very rare type of bonus, as it is more satisfying for a bettor rather than a bookmaker. The main purpose of bonuses is to encourage punters to make deposits and bets. That's why no deposit bonuses are rarely offered by bookmakers. Usually it is a Free bet of a very small size. To get it, a customer simply has to register on a sports betting site.

Free bets

A Free bet is a bet that a client can place at the bookmaker's expense and, if successful, make a profit: the winnings excluding the amount of the Free bet. If you get a Free bet, you cannot withdraw it, you can only place this Free bet under the terms and conditions of the promotion: sometimes it is a bet on certain sports or with a specified minimum odds.

Several Free bet offers can be provided within one promotion. For example, if the total amount of the bonus is 50 PHP, the bettor gets 5x10 PHP Free bets.

Risk-free bets

Risk-free bets are refunded to the client in case the bet is lost, usually in the form of a Free bet.

The terms and conditions of the risk-free bets may be very simple ("Bet on this tennis match and if you lose, we will refund your bet") or include several conditions ("Bet on a goal of a forward from team A and if a game ends 0-0, we will refund your bet").

Cash Bonus

Cash bonus is a bonus that a bettor does not get in Free bets, but in cash, as the name implies. But you can't withdraw this money straight away, you have to wager it first. Wagering is placing bets for a given amount. It can be a single wager (100% of the bonus amount) or a multiple wager - for example, 3 times the bonus amount. This proportion is called the wager and is denoted as follows: x3, x6, x10.

A x10 wager is a lot and it's hard to fulfil these requirements. For a notional 1000 bonus money you have to bet 10000 PHP. We consider a wager less than x10 to be conditionally good. You have to look at the other terms and conditions, but as a rule, such a bonus is quite realistic.

For more details about wagering, please check out the "Bonus wagering" section below.

Enhanced odds

This is a promotion that applies to specific matches, tournaments or sports chosen by a bookmaker. Everyone can take part in the promotion. The betting company set enhanced odds for the selected events.

For example, a bookmaker may raise the odds for a basketball match. Please note that the enhanced odds usually do not apply to all markets of the match, but only to some of them. MegaSportsWorld (MSW) runs such a promotion every day.


Cashback is a refund of a portion of the money placed. The option can be applied to an individual bet or to all the money placed over a certain period. For example, the bookmaker may offer a refund of part of the amount placed in a week.

Often, the cashback applies to bets placed on specific events or sports, such as basketball. That is the "5% weekly basketball cashbacks" promotion at Winzir. You will get a 5% weekly Free bet from the basketball bets placed during the week, if their value exceeds 5000 PHP.

Loyalty programme

Customers who bet regularly receive bonuses for doing so when a bookmaker runs a loyalty programme. For example, place 5 bets in a week and get a Free bet or loyalty points. Free bets can be placed immediately and loyalty points can be exchanged for Free bets or other gifts: prizes or increased cashback.

Comps bonus

This is a bonus provided to existing customers for no reason or for a special occasion. For example, for a birthday. They are usually awarded to casino customers. But sportsbooks also offer Free bets or money.

OKBet offers such a bonus. If you make at least 3 deposits at the beginning of your birthday month the bookmaker gives you 500 PHP for your birthday.

Refer a friend

Many bookmakers have referral programmes. The rules are similar. An existing client has to give a potential new client his referral link. If the new customer registers using it, makes a deposit and starts betting, the owner of the link gets a certain amount of money.

Betting Bonus: How to Choose

Any bonus can bring some benefit, but the difference between them is substantial. Some are bigger than others, some are easier to wager while others are almost impossible. Let us tell you what parameters you should pay attention to in order to choose the best bonuses.

Nominal amount

This is the amount of bonus you can get, but you do not necessarily get. Usually the promo specifies the maximum bonus.

For example, "Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to 5000 PHP" This means that you will never get more than 5000, even if you deposit 10000. And if you deposit 1000, then the bonus will be 1000.

The nominal amount won't give you a full idea of how beneficial the promotion is. If it's a cash bonus, you'll probably have to wager it, and possibly multiple times. While you're wagering the bonus, there's a risk of losing a lot more than a single deposit. You should therefore read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully.


The wagering comes second only because the size of the bonus always draws attention. But it is the wagering conditions that are the most important parameter when choosing a bonus. We have devoted a separate section about wagering below. Here, let's make it short: wagering is the amount of money you have to bet in order to actually receive the bonus. If you don't meet the wagering requirements, the bonus will remain in a separate account and will be cancelled when the promotion expires.

For promotions with enhanced odds or loyalty programmes these terms and conditions don't apply: you just bet and get something. Free bets don't need to be wagered multiple times - all you have to do is place a free bet. Cash bonuses need to be wagered almost always.

Don't look at sportsbook bonuses where the wager exceeds x10, it's almost impossible to get them.

Minimum deposit

Bookmakers most often offer new customers a first deposit bonus. How easy it will be for you to get into the betting process depends on the minimum amount of this deposit.

We recommend that you only deposit money into your betting account that you can afford to spend on entertainment. It shouldn't be an amount that you will regret losing.

Most bookmakers allow bettors to make small deposits which are enough for bonuses. Choose the optimal amount to deposit, taking into account how much bonus money you can get.

For example, a bookmaker allows you to make a deposit from 1000 PHP. The maximum bonus is 100% of the deposit, up to 5000 PHP. If you can afford to deposit 2500 PHP, you will get the same bonus - 2500 PHP. And if you plan to lose no more than 500 PHP, we do not recommend leaving your comfort zone in pursuit of a bonus and depositing an amount twice as high.

Bonus usage period

If you do not start sports betting immediately after registering, you may not be able to meet the bonus qualifying requirements. Most promotions are valid from 7 to 30 days. It is important to know when the countdown starts: when you register, make a deposit or receive a Free bet.

The period must be related to the requirements of the bonus. If you just need to place one bet, then 7 days is sufficient. But if a bookmaker is asking you to wager a 5x cash bonus, it's difficult to do it in a week. You'll probably have to bet a lot and often, and on events you're not very good at. With this kind of bonus, you may lose rather than earn.

Percentage of a bet or a deposit

A bonus of 100% of your first deposit or first bet can be called a classic bonus. Many online sports betting sites offer exactly that much, but it is not necessarily.

Sometimes a bookmaker may try to surprise everyone and give, for example, 150% or 200% of the deposit. Or on the contrary, they might be quite modest and offer only 50%. This is a significant criterion, but not the only one. As a rule, the bigger the proportion, the harder it is to actually get that money.

You have to decide for yourself what is more exciting: taking a bigger risk for a bigger profit, or getting a small win, but with a high probability.

Example with a free bet: the bookmaker gives 200% of your first deposit as a Free bet, but you have to place it strictly on an accumulator of 3 events, each event must have minimum odds of 1.50. Let's calculate the accumulated odds: 1.50 X 1.50 X 1.50 = 3.375. This will be the minimum odds of our accumulator. The higher the odds, the lower the probability. Statistically, such a bet will lose in 3 out of 4 cases, so you won't get the bonus in most cases.

And the other bookmaker gives only 50% of the deposit as a Free bet, but you can bet it on any single market with minimum odds of 1.50. By finding this exact bet, we will win about 2 times out of 3.

Example with a cash bonus: one bookmaker has a 100% deposit cash bonus, which needs to be wagered three times, and another bookmaker has a 50% deposit cash bonus, but it only needs to be wagered once. In the second case, once you bet the deposited amount, you already get the bonus, even if all of your bets are lost. And in the case of triple wagering, you have to win and then wager that money again.

Odds on qualifying bets

Often you have to meet the qualifying requirements to get the bonus. For example, you must place your first bet. This is called a qualifying bet. For qualifying bets, the bookmakers almost always set min odds. If you place a safe bet with odds lower than that, you will not get the bonus. The lower the odds, the easier it is to get the bonus.

Example: Bookmaker A and Bookmaker B offer a Free bet of 100% of your deposit. At the first one you have to place this Free bet on an event with minimum odds of 2, and at the second one you have to place a bet at odds of 1.50 or greater. Yes, by winning at odds of 2 you will get more. But in the second case too, there's nothing stopping you from betting the same 2 or 3.50, whatever you like. And if you want to increase your chances of getting the bonus, a bet at odds of 1.50 will more likely win than a bet at odds of 2. The second Free bet leaves more options to choose from, and is therefore better.

Available sports

Not every bonus can be wagered on every event. Often the bookmaker requires betting on certain sports or tournaments. If bookmaker A provides a Free bet for betting on any sporting event, and bookmaker B only for betting on football, you will be restricted in the latter case. Let's say you play basketball and think football is boring and you've never been interested in it. The chances of winning the football Free bet will be lower.

Types of bets for wagering

The bookmaker may only require you to place a Free bet on an accumulator containing a certain number of events. For example, 3 or 5.

If this is not the case, you can place both single and multiple bets.

Sometimes the opposite happens: when the bonus is only valid for single bets. MSW offers such a bonus on UFC.

This is less common: bookmakers are usually happy when clients bet on accumulators, because the margin for such bets is higher and the chances of winning are lower.

Bookmaker reputation

We only consider bonuses from legal companies with local licenses. This license must be issued by the state regulator, which supervises bookmakers. So you will be protected from fraudulent activities and you can go to court if necessary.

It has nothing to do with bonuses specifically, but we always pay attention to this when selecting bookmakers.

Betting Bonus: How Do I Get One?

Let's find out more about how to get the bonus.

Read the terms and conditions of the bonuses

Check out the bonus betting offers from different bookmakers and read the terms and conditions. You have to evaluate:

  • How much the bookmaker offers;
  • Whether it is possible to wager it;
  • How much you have to deposit and bet to get the bonus;
  • What are the requirements for the Free bet offers (will it be easy or difficult to win);
  • How much time the bookmaker gives you to meet all the requirements;

These are the most important parameters for choosing bookmaker sign up offers. We have described the full list in the section above. 

Multiple accounts with different bookmakers is a good idea. Not only are there more bonuses, but you can also choose the best odds for any sporting event.

There aren't many betting sites in the Philippines, and you might as well collect bonuses from all of them. If making deposits at each sports betting site is expensive, then move on to the following points.

Choose a bookmaker

To choose a sports betting site, you usually do not need to deposit money or even create an account. Unregistered users can evaluate the sports betting offer, compare odds and read the terms and conditions of bonus promotions. The only exception to this rule in the Philippines is the mystery site, the content of which can only be discovered after registering.

Sign up 

Sometimes a bookmaker has several sign up offers to choose from, in which case it's important to check them out before you open an account. Often you will have to specify your chosen Welcome bonus to the bookmaker when you fill in the sign-up form. Once you've registered, you need to confirm your identity - and done, you can get the Welcome bonus.

Make a deposit

No deposit bonus is one of the rarest promotions. Most bonuses are only available after a deposit.

Before making a deposit, check the list of available payment and withdrawal methods. Often bookmakers only allow you to withdraw money in the same way you deposited it. And there may be fewer methods of withdrawal available. This means that not every deposit will be easy to withdraw.

When you make a deposit, you can claim a sign up offer or bonuses for existing customers.

TOP 3 Betting Sites With Bonuses in the Philippines


Winzir offers more than 30 sports - a very wide choice among the Philippine betting sites.

There are over 60 countries in the football markets. Some countries have a large selection of leagues. For example, Spain has 6, Germany has 8, and England has more than 10.

The range of markets on football is great. Even in the least popular leagues there are over 150 markets, and in popular leagues there are over 1500. However, from the statistics betting they have only corner kicks. But there are plenty of options for betting on goals, both for teams and individual players.

The disadvantage is high margin. For football betting in popular leagues it is 7%, for unpopular leagues it is 10%.

For basketball, there are from 30 to 70 bets available, depending on the popularity of the matches. The line has more than 10 leagues, including internationals and Outrights. Margin on basketball games is 8-8.5%. 

In tennis there are over 50 bets on ATP and WTA matches. There are almost no extra bets on ITF, except for the victory of one or the other side - a maximum of 6. Margin on tennis is 8%. 

There are bets on boxing and MMA. Margin on MMA is 5.5%, on boxing - 7-7.5%.

Winzir accepts payments from more than 20 payment systems. The minimum deposit is 200  PHP, the maximum is 50000 PHP per transaction. Minimum withdrawal size is 1000 PHP, maximum - 49 000 PHP per request. You can make no more than 5 requests per day. This way the maximum withdrawal amount per day is 245 000 PHP.

Withdrawals are available using a dozen methods, including e-wallets.

Below you will find more information about current promotions run by Winzir. 

1000 First security deposit bonus

Winzir offers a first deposit bonus. The minimum is a 1000 PHP security deposit. According to the terms and conditions set by the Philippine regulator PAGCOR, at least 1000 PHP must be kept on the account for 30 days after the account is opened. After that the bettor will receive a 1000 PHP bonus. It has to be wagered once.

Up to 2500 Risk-free first bet

New customers can get a first risk-free bet of up to 2500 PHP. All you have to do is register, make a deposit and place your first bet. The minimum bet to participate in the promotion is 100 PHP.

The Free bet is valid for 5 days from the date of receipt. 

5% Weekly basketball cashbacks

Winzir offers cashback on basketball bets in the form of a Free bet of up to 2500 PHP. The amount of the Free bet is 5% of the bets for the week: both winning and losing bets, singles and accumulators are counted, as long as there is at least one bet on basketball. The odds must be at least 1.5. Bets that are either refunded with odds of 1 or settled via Cash Out are not considered.

To be eligible for the promotion, the total bets amount must be 5000 PHP or more per week. If you bet that amount, you will receive 250 PHP.

The Free bet will be credited from 9 to 10 a.m. next Wednesday. You must use it within 5 days of receipt. 

Cash Out with 0% commission

The bookmaker offers the opportunity to return a bet using Cash Out with no extra margin. This promotion only works for pre-match betting.

Let's say you place a bet and then change your mind. If the odds have increased, meaning the probability of your selected event has decreased, you will get back less than the original bet amount. If the odds have remained the same, you will get your bet back in full. If the odds have dropped, meaning the probability of the event increased, you will get back 100% of the bet or even more. You will know exactly how much at the time you request a Cash Out. 


  • Over 30 sports
  • Bonuses
  • Over 20 payment methods


  • Low odds
  • No statistics
  • No app


OKBet offers bets on 9 sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Ice hockey
  • Rugby
  • Table tennis

There are around 300 football markets for popular leagues and around 200 for less popular ones. The only bet on statistics is corner kicks.

Margin on 1X2 markets for popular leagues is around 4.5%, for unpopular leagues is 12%.

For extra markets the margin ranges between 3-5%.

In basketball, you can choose from over 50 markets in the more popular leagues and very few in less popular leagues, usually around 10. And there may not be any bets at all on team wins. Main markets start with handicaps. The margin on popular events is 4-5%, and more than 8% on second-tier events.

As for tennis, the choice is not very big either. For example, there are 10 bets on WTA matches. The same amount or less are provided for ATP Challengers. But the odds for tennis are good - the margin is about 4-6%.

For all sports there are theoretically bets on Outrights, although they are not always available. It is possible that there is a bug in the navigation of the site, and they won't appear at all. However, Outrights definitely exist for football, basketball and baseball.

OKBet has apps for Android and iOS.

Statistics is available, but there is no live streaming.

The bookmaker has 4 promotions at the time of the review. 

Security deposit bonus

Security deposit is a requirement of the Philippine regulator PAGCOR. A new bettor's first deposit must be frozen for 30 days. OKBet offers a bonus to customers who deposit a minimum of 1000 PHP. After one month the bettor has to contact support and get 1000 PHP bonus money. They have to be wagered once, i.e. you need to place bets for the amount of 1000 PHP.

No withdrawals of any amount can be made until all terms and conditions are met.

Second deposit 68% bonus

OKBet also has a bonus for the second deposit. It's smaller - 68% instead of 100%. But the minimum deposit to get the bonus is also smaller - only 300 PHP. In this case you will get a bonus of 204 PHP. If you deposit more, the bonus amount will increase accordingly. The maximum possible bonus is 1500 PHP.

An important thing to remember: the second deposit is considered the one that was made immediately after the first one, the Security deposit of 1000 PHP.

This bonus has stricter wagering requirements than the first deposit bonus. You have to wager the amount of the deposit plus the bonus amount 5 times. As for the deposit of 300 PHP, wagering will be (300 + 204)*5 = 504* 5 = 2520 PHP. This is the amount the bettor must wager before the bonus can be withdrawn.

Refer a friend bonus

The active bettor can get bonuses for new clients coming through referral links. A new customer has to register through this link and deposit a minimum of 1000 PHP. The link owner receives 15% of the friend's deposit amount for the first four new customers. For the 5th, 6th and 7th friend the bonus will be 20% of the deposit. The maximum bonus you can get for each friend is 3000 PHP.

Birthday bonus

To get the birthday bonus a bettor must make at least 3 deposits of any amount by the beginning of the birthday month.

For example, if the customer was born on the 15th of November, he has to make 3 deposits till the 31st of October. The client who makes 3 deposits or more will get a 500 PHP bonus. If the customer made 10 or more deposits, the bonus will be 2000 PHP.

The bonus has to be wagered once. 


  • Great odds
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Bonuses


  • Very few sports
  • Narrow range of all markets except for football
  • Live streaming for authorized users only

MegaSportsWorld (MSW)

There are more than 20 sports represented at MSW.

Among basketball betting, the choice is not too great: 10 club leagues plus internationals. It is possible to bet on the NBA, the WNBA and a few other national leagues.

Over 100 bets are available on the WNBA. 30-40 bets are offered for unpopular leagues. There are also bets on Outrights. In the NBA, for example, there are bets on the league winner, the regular season winner, the division winners and many contenders for the most valuable player of the season, up to the odds of 601.

The basketball odds are wildly fluctuating. Margins can range between 5% and 8% from match to match.

In tennis, you can bet on ATP matches, including Challengers and ITF. There are not many bets on tennis - less than 10 on ATP matches and only two basic bets on ITF.

On ATP the odds are high, with a bookmaker's margin of around 4%. On the ITF the margin is around 7%, which is not so good.

A large range of markets is offered for MLB (baseball) with over 200 sports betting options per match. 

The odds for baseball are average: 3-3.5% margin on wins for one of the teams, about 5% margin on extra markets.

There are over 80 football leagues represented. Over 200 options are offered for popular leagues. Though all of them only refer to goals scored. Bets on statistics (throw ins, corners and cards) are not available. In the mid-tier leagues there are over 150 markets, in the unpopular leagues not more than 10. Margin on football bets is 6-8%.

There is live streaming of MSW but not very often - no more than one match per league in football or basketball or one of the matches in ATP and WTA tennis tournaments. No statistics are available.

The Services tab has a sports news section, but we didn't see any news there. There is a bet calculator where you can enter an amount and odds and find out how much you will win from it. The Live Scores section provides a list of upcoming matches and the results of current and past games.

The following promotions are available at MSW:

Welcome bonus

New clients can receive a 500 PHP Free bet as a sign up offer. To do so, you need to accumulate a total of 10 000 PHP in settled bets (both winners and losers) within 3 months of activating your account. That means that all bets placed must reach an amount of 10 000 PHP.

You can bet 500 PHP on any sporting event.

The promotion is valid until 31 December 2022. 

UFC: Ultimate money back

This promotion includes two bonuses.

For new customers:

New bettors can receive a 100 PHP bonus for their first bet on UFC. You need to register, make a deposit and place a bet on UFC of at least 100 PHP within 30 days of registration.

The bonus will be credited once the bet is settled, regardless of whether it wins or not. This bonus money is credited to clients' accounts every Thursday. It should be used for bets on any sport (not only UFC).

Money back promo:

All MSW bettors can get a partial refund from the first single bet on UFC "numbered" tournaments (numbered tournaments only).

The minimum bet to receive the refund is 100 PHP. If the bet loses, the bettor will receive 10% of the bet. Only the first bet for each "numbered" fight is eligible for a refund.

The maximum possible refund is 1000 PHP. That means the stake has to be 10 000 PHP. If more, the refund will still be 1000 PHP. The refund will be credited to the client's account within 3 days after the end of the fight.

Accumulators do not qualify for the promotion.

The promotion ends on 31st December 2022. 

Risk-free newbie

A promotion for bettors who activate MSW Remote Gaming - online betting. To qualify for the bonus, a bettor must complete the Remote Gaming activation process on the sports betting site or over the phone.

Customers who have done so receive 100 PHP for every 3000 PHP bets lost (i.e. the total of all bets placed and lost, rather than one major bet). Such cashback can be received three times. But all bets must be placed within 30 days of account activation. A minimum of 1000 PHP must be kept in the account. Both single bets and accumulator bets qualify for the promotion.

Technically, the name Risk-free is an exaggeration. It is rather a small cashback.

The promotion is valid until 31 December 2022.

Odds boost (enhanced odds)

MSW offers enhanced odds on selected sporting events. The maximum number of such events per day is 3. Land-based betting shops also take part in this promotion.

Matches and markets with enhanced odds are placed in a separate tab called "Enhanced odds matches". These markets can only be selected for a single bet.

The promotion is valid until 31 December 2022.

Birthday bonus

MSW customers can get a Free bet for their birthday. The amount of the Free bet depends on how many consecutive months before the month of your birthday the bettor has placed bets and of what size.

Bets of at least 100 PHP count towards this promotion. If the customer has placed at least one such bet in, let's say, June, the month will be counted. Suppose a bettor then places at least 100 PHP in July, August and September as well. But his birthday is in October. Then the 4 months in which he bet before will be included in the calculation of the bonus.

However, if he has not placed a single bet from 100 PHP in August, all three summer months do not count, as only those that are consecutive count. In this case, it is only September.

The bonus amount is 100 PHP multiplied by the number of such months. That means, a punter who bets at least one bet of 100 PHP from June to September inclusive will get a Free bet of 400 PHP for his birthday.

The maximum amount a bettor can get is 1000 PHP.


  • Great odds on tennis and baseball
  • Over 80 football leagues
  • Large range of markets for MLB


  • Deposit and withdrawal only in cash
  • No statistics
  • Mobile version of the betting site is poor

Free Bets: What To Look Out For When Choosing An Offer

What is a Free bet

A Free bet is a bet that a client can place at the bookmaker's expense. The betting site provides it as part of promotions to attract new customers or to maintain the loyalty of existing customers.

How to get a Free bet

To get a Free bet, you need to meet the conditions of the promotion. For example, make a deposit, place your first bet or bet regularly on a certain sport.

The received Free bet offers are displayed separately from the money in your account and cannot be withdrawn. It must be placed.

Free bet requirements

Sometimes Free bet offers can be placed on anything and in any way you like, but there are often restrictions:

  • Minimum odds for a bet;
  • Sports or tournaments you can bet on.

Is it possible to withdraw the winnings?

Unlike the cash bonus, there is no need to wager your winnings from the Free bet. If you placed a Free bet and won, you can withdraw your winnings.

Expiry date of a free bet

Free bet offers have an expiry date. This can be any period determined by the bookmaker. The most common terms and conditions are 7 or 30 days from the date of receipt, but it can also be different. For example, at Winzir it is 5 days.

Bets Offers: Bonus Wagering

What is bonus wagering

Wagering is placing bets on a certain amount of money. How much is determined by the bookmaker. This figure depends on the size of your deposit. If you have to wager the deposit amount, it's a wager of x1. For three deposits - x3, for five - x5.

Casino bonuses have a wager of up to x40, but anything above x10 is difficult to wager in sports betting. We recommend that you ignore bonuses with such huge wagers.

Which bonuses require wagering

The most common wager is for a cash bonus. With Free bets, usually you just have to place a bet and take your winnings if the bet is successful. Some particularly greedy betting sites set wagering requirements for Free bets as well, but a small one, such as x1. Nevertheless, this is outrageous in any case.

Are bonuses with wager beneficial

It depends solely on the wagering requirements. Imagine: you deposited 1000 PHP, received the same bonus, and you need to wager it five times. In that case you need to wager a total of 5000 PHP. If your bets win, the wagering will work itself out. But if you lose more than 60% of your bets, your deposit will end before you wager the bonus.

And it's a typical situation: there's "just a little bit more" left, and you have to make another deposit to get a bonus on the first deposit that you've already lost. Unpleasant, if you think about it.

In our experience, it's extremely difficult to wager bonuses with x10 or higher.

What is the best way to wager the bonus

If wagering the bonus exceeds the amount of your bankroll, the best tactic is simply to place bets that you think are correct. By focusing on the bonus, you might start betting wrongly, more than you are used to or neglecting analysis. Then you will lose more.

Look at it in this way: wisely placed bets will increase your bankroll, and you will not be disappointed anyway, even if you don't manage to wager the bonus in time. And if you do, it will be a nice addition.


What is the best way to use online betting bonuses?

A bonus can compensate for one bad bet, but no more than that. The main thing is to bet wisely. You should not adjust your betting pattern specifically to the promotion. In that case, you will lose money or nerves, or both. While making value bets, you'll enjoy an intellectual competition with the bookmaker in any case. The bonus will be a pleasant addition.

Where can I find the latest online betting promotions?

The current promotions are available on the betting site, usually on a separate page. There you will find out the size of the bonus, its form and wagering requirements. The exception is the mobile version of MSW, where you cannot find the promo page unless you have a direct link to it.

Which sports betting sites offer the best bonuses?

There are only 3 legal bookmakers in the Philippines at the time of the review. All of them offer promotions. OKBet and Winzir have 4 active bonuses each, MSW has 5.  A good welcome bonus is available at OKBet and Winzir - 1000 PHP for your first deposit with one-time wagering. And if you want enhanced odds or you are a UFC fan, check out MSW. 

What is risk-free betting?

The bookmakers call it risk-free. But in reality, even with this promotion, you can lose. You just have two chances to win instead of one.

Here's how a risk-free bet works. If your bet loses, the bookmaker refunds all of your money in the form of a Free bet. You can place this Free bet - and if you win, you get some or all of your first bet back. But if you lose, that's it, there's no third chance.

Do all bookmakers offer bonuses?

Almost all betting sites offer bonuses. Some have a lot of them, some 1-2, but there is almost always something. In the Philippines, three bookmakers offer 4 or 5 bonuses each. 

Are there any odds limitations for sports betting bonuses?

Yes, the most common restriction is called min odds. This means that only a bet with odds greater than min odds qualifies for the bonus. Or that the Free bet can only be used for betting on a market with odds greater than min odds.

How often can I get bonuses?

Welcome bonus is only available to new customers once. Bonuses for existing customers can be obtained many times, as long as the conditions imply this. For example, a "weekly cashback" can indeed be received every week.


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