Sports Betting Apps in the Philippines

The mobile app is the most comfortable and easiest way to bet on sporting events from your mobile device. By installing it on your phone or tablet, you get access to betting wherever there is an internet connection. However, not all online sports betting sites are developing such mobile software, especially the high quality one. What sports betting app can be used legally? Where to download and how to install apps for betting? Are there any alternatives? We will tell you all the details.

List of the Sports Apps for Betting 2023

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  • Statistics
  • Light and dark modes
  • Market filters on tournament pages

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Most Trusted Apps for Betting on Sports in the Philippines: How We Choose Them

The Match.Center team has worked with dozens of online betting apps around the world, so we have a lot of experience. When assessing online betting apps, we are guided by a certain list of criteria:

  • User reviews. We always check what users say about a sportsbook app in an official store, on different forums and websites. Only those betting programs that have mostly positive feedback make it to our lists.
  • Wide support of devices and system versions. An important question for Android users. Dozens of companies release smartphones and tablets with this operating system, not all devices receive system updates. A mobile sports betting app cannot adjust to every device and every OS version, but it should work properly on most popular models.
  • Security. We check if an app uses SSL encryption and other advanced security features to protect the personal data of the customers.
  • Functionality. The top betting apps have a variety of functions. They provide the same tools you can find on a website, such as different types of bets, placing bets with one click, cash out for early bet payout, etc. It's nice to have real-time results, competition brackets and statistics at your disposal. Also you can watch sports streams in some online betting apps. In some cases you don't even need to deposit money to do that, registration is all that's required.
  • Simple and convenient navigation. A phone's small screen somehow limits your navigational freedom compared to a large computer screen, where many links to move to different sections and pages can be placed simultaneously. The best sportsbook apps make sure you get to the right place in the minimum number of taps. They conveniently categorise sports, tournaments and matches in different menus and in the online betting area, provide various filters and allow to add events to favourites for quick access.
  • Speed of the app. When placing a bet from your smartphone or tablet, speed is crucial. Live betting, which is online betting during a sporting event, requires fast acceptance of bets. Top Android and iOS betting apps update betting odds instantly, accept bets quickly, and do not freeze at critical moments.
  • Traffic consumption. We try to find out how much traffic an app consumes when in use. High-quality sportsbook apps are designed not to overload your data plan or drain your battery too fast.
  • Regularity of updates. Even a good app can deteriorate with time. That's why mobile betting software should receive updates to provide the best possible service.
  • Payment methods. We make sure that the app we recommend offers a wide range of payment options so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Surprisingly, you still can't take advantage of some of the online betting offers in the official apps. Our ranking members are free of such unforgivable disadvantages. And, of course, the more bonuses a bookmaker offers, the more you should pay attention to it and its app.
  • Access to customer support. We check if the app provides the users with 24/7 access to customer support in case they need help.

Betting Sports App: How to Use Them

Sports betting in the mobile app is easy:

  • Download the app. iOS users can do it from the official Apple Store. Owners of Android devices need to download the apk file from the betting site and install it. Check out the detailed instructions below.
  • Sign up. This can be done in the app or on the website. Whichever way you use, you only need to create an account once. Afterwards, you can use your username and password on any device.

  • Make a deposit. Often after logging into the app with a zero balance, a pop-up window will appear with a link to a deposit page. If it doesn't, look for the "Deposit" button at the top of the screen and use one of the suggested payment methods.
  • Place your bets. Just like on the website, select the markets you are interested in, enter the amount and confirm the bet.

How to Download Betting App for Android and iOS 

Downloading and installing apps for Android and iOS is quite different. Google Play does not place betting apps, so they need to be downloaded from the bookmaker's website. The App Store does not cause such problems for betting fans, so users of Apple devices can download betting apps from the official store. Here are two instructions for both iOS and Android operating systems:

Betting App for Android

  • Access the betting site from your phone.
  • If no banner appears with a link to download the app, look for the links in the footer of the website.

  • Download the apk file.
  • Allow installation from unknown sources in the system settings.
  • Open and install the apk file, a shortcut to launch the app will appear on the home screen.

iOS Betting Apps

  • Open the App Store
  • Type the bookmaker's name in the search box

  • Go to the app page and click "Install".

You can also follow the link on the bookmaker's website, but it will still redirect you to the official App Store.

Mobile Apps: Sports You Can Bet On

The sportsbook apps have the same markets available for betting as their online sports betting sites. You can bet on any of the matches offered without any restrictions. Here are the most popular sports:

  • Basketball betting. The most beloved sport in the Philippines. The PBA Cup attracts bettors from all over the world because almost every bookie that has basketball markets offers bets on this tournament. And of course you can bet on the PBA Cup at all the legal online sports betting sites along with the other popular leagues: NBA, Euroleague, ACB, etc.
  • Football betting. Most online sports betting sites have the widest range of markets on football with regular and cup tournaments in dozens of countries. Philippine bettors follow the PFL national league but prefer to bet on more competitive tournaments: top European championships (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France), Europa League and Champions League, North American MLS, Mexican Liga MX and Brazilian Serie A.
  • Esports betting. A popular choice for a new generation of bettors. Filipinos can support their compatriots, who are best represented in Dota 2. Other popular Esports include CS:GO, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Valorant, Rocket League, Call of Duty and King of Glory.
  • Combat sports betting. In mobile apps, you can bet not only on classical boxing, but also on mixed martial arts events, such as the very popular UFC.
  • Horse racing betting. A very popular field among British and Irish bookmakers. Foreign brands are actively legalising in many countries, so we do not exclude that with the arrival of the world's giants in the Philippines will come the trend for horse racing betting.

Apps for Betting on Sports: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in the Philippines

You may find depositing via a sportsbook app more convenient. Some payment methods require you to open its own app to make the transfer, which means you will need a phone or tablet anyway.

You should use the same payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals in a sportsbook app as on its site. So pay attention to how many payment options an online betting company offers in general. Here is a list of the most popular options:

  • Bank cards. The most widely accepted payment method in the Philippines. You can use your Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to deposit and withdraw funds from your onlin betting account.
  • Electronic wallets (or E-wallets). Another popular payment method in the Philippines. You can use e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or ecoPayz to deposit and withdraw funds from your online betting account.
  • Bank transfer. You can also use a bank transfer to deposit and withdraw funds directly from your online betting account.
  • Cryptocurrencies. The sports betting sites in the Philippines also accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. They are available for depositing and withdrawal.
  • Cash at a betting shop. Some bookmakers open branches where you can bet offline and also make deposits for the online betting company's website. Unfortunately, many betting companies in the Philippines only operate online. Check with customer support if the bookmaker operates offline and, if so, ask for a map of the branches.

You may need all of these options, but some of them have advantages. How effective is each payment method? We will describe our experience:

  • Bank cards, e-wallets and betting shops are the fastest deposit methods. The money is credited to the account immediately after payment confirmation, the fee is usually paid by the bookmaker.
  • Cryptocurrency payment systems make the transfer in several steps. The payment is made by miners, who take a certain commission, and the higher the amount, the faster your transaction will be accepted for processing. Depending on the cryptocurrency, merchant and fee, it may take anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours to get the funds deposited.
  • A bank transfer is just as uncertain in terms of speed. A deposit can go through in one minute or take several hours - it all depends on the bank.

These are only generalised characteristics. Each bookmaker works with payment systems differently and sets its own rules for deposits and withdrawals. Check out the bookmaker's policy and user reviews in advance.

Sports Betting Apps Overview


It is the only licensed betting company in the Philippines that has developed a native mobile app. Links to download it are available on the website.

Remember that you can register directly in the app - it's just as convenient as the website. Don't be afraid to miss out on the bookmaker's promotions: once you open the app, a pop-up window will appear with all the bonus offers. You can click on each one and read all its terms and conditions. If it is a bonus for new customers, you will be invited to proceed to the sign-up form directly from the promotion page.

In the OKBet app you can bet on 9 sports. The football markets are the widest, covering regular and cup tournaments of almost 60 countries, as well as major international competitions of clubs and national teams. The range of markets is balanced. There are up to 400 markets for matches in most leagues: from the top of the English Premier League to the Danish Super League or the Brazilian Serie B. And even for the exotic Armenian and Cypriot championships there are up to 300 betting options, although the Northern Ireland Premiership, for instance, has only 60 options. Basketball fans can choose from more than 100 markets, and tennis lovers can find up to 70 different bets per match. Such figures can be called average, considering that some sports betting sites offer more than 1000 options per match, but OKBet covers all popular markets and offers a good selection of over/under and handicaps.

The home page is organised very simply and clearly. In the top right corner, the language can be selected, but only English, Chinese and Vietnamese are available to users. At the top of the page there are scrolling banners that advertise the bookmaker's bonus offers. Below them there is a menu with several important buttons. The Sports and OKGames buttons bring up a list of available sports and casino games. The Affiliate section shows your stats for the invited friends, allowing you to track your progress in the respective bonus programme. The Contact section contains a link to Live Chat that opens in a browser and not in the app itself, which can be described as a disadvantage. The APP button checks if there are any updates. In Mode you can choose between light and dark themes.

Below this menu there are the top matches of the current day. There is also a static menu at the bottom of the screen which lets you access the homepage, the transaction history, the sports list and the bet slip. Special mention should be made of the My button that displays your favourite tournaments and matches. Furthermore, the tournament pages have market filters, which means you can select your favourite betting options and they will be shown for all the matches. Overall, the navigation in the OKBet app is user-friendly, on par with the best foreign betting apps.

The betting site and the sport betting app do not support live streaming, so you will have to look for another service to watch the match. During the event you can only follow the score updates, there are no detailed live statistics. For most events, however, there are quite detailed stats in the pre-match.

Overall the sportsbook app leaves a nice impression. It loads and runs quickly, it is not overloaded with unnecessary design elements. The navigation may not be very intuitive but it is user-friendly, especially once you are familiar with all the tools. Technologically, the OKBet app is absolutely unimpressive, but Filipino punters have no choice. The fact that the local bookmaker has a native app is already a technological marvel.


  • Convenient navigation with market filters
  • Stable operation
  • Light and dark modes


  • Few sports
  • Only 3 languages (no Tagalog and Cebuano)
  • No live streaming

What is the difference between a sports betting app and an online betting site?

Bookmakers adapt platforms for mobile betting in different ways. This can be a mobile version of the betting site or a native app. We will describe each in detail to explain the differences to you.

Native betting application

A bookmaker's native app is a standalone program for your phone. You don't require any extra software to access it; all you must do is install it. As well as on a website, you can browse a betting line, place different types of bets and even watch live streams if they are available, but in a more user-friendly way. Visual design is minimised so that the app loads faster, textual design is prioritised. In addition, navigation and control elements are adapted to the phone's small screen. Various button menus appear, which can be scrolled as well as minimised and expanded.

If the native app is well adapted to the device, it really is the most comfortable mobile betting tool. It runs faster than the mobile version and consumes less traffic. On the other hand, Android users may face issues: there are just so many companies that produce devices with this operating system, so it is not possible to optimise native apps for all models and versions of the OS.

Mobile site

Often bookmakers develop a mobile version of the sports betting sites, even if they already have native apps. A mobile betting site also minimises design elements and displays additional menus for navigation. Curiously, there is sometimes no difference in design between the two. But there is a difference in accessibility. To access the mobile site, you need a browser.

A light betting site version is usually enabled automatically when you access it from your phone, though sometimes you need to switch it on.

It is difficult to say which type of mobile betting is better. Nominally, the native app should have the advantage as it requires no additional software and is adapted to the needs of the hardware. In practice, you may encounter unsolvable technical problems because your model is not officially supported. The mobile version, on the other hand, should work without problems if you use a fast and reliable browser. You simply open some online betting platform like any other site and enjoy online betting. This method may require more system resources, but powerful gadgets will hardly feel the difference.

Mobile version application

This type is most common on Android. A mobile version application is a special browser, which opens the mobile version of a bookmakers' website. In other words, with such an "app" you can bet in the same way as you would on a mobile version using any browser.

As suspicious as it may sound, they mostly work well. That's because they are mostly based on Google Chrome, one of the fastest browsers.

If you are wondering why you need such an app, it is difficult for us to suggest anything. This is how cunning sports betting sites try to pretend they have apps. Of course, you can also open the betting site yourself using your browser. The only advantage is the possibility of automatic authentication, although it is not necessarily available.

Mobile Betting Apps: Advantages

Mobile sports betting is not just an alternative to desktop betting, but a real competitor due to a number of advantages. What attracts bettors to sportsbook apps?

  • Constant access. A computer or even a laptop isn't always around, but you're sure to have your smartphone with you. The bookmaker app allows you to bet anywhere. Just don't forget to pay for mobile internet.
  • Simplified interface. A well-organised app can compete with the same betting site in terms of speed of navigation and convenience. Even if you have regular access to the betting site, try the mobile app. You may prefer to bet this way.
  • Fast operation. A native app is difficult to adjust to every device and system version. But if it runs constantly on your phone or tablet, it will load faster than the full and mobile version of the betting site through a browser.
  • Push notifications. The easiest way to keep track of the bookmaker's promotions and bonuses. Also some apps allow you to receive notifications about the results of your favourite matches as soon as they are completed.

Apps For Betting: What Are the Offers

Bookmakers' promotions rarely relate to mobile apps. When promoting their apps, some companies do offer bonuses for downloading and installing it. Unfortunately, many legal Filipino bookmakers have no plans to develop an app at all.

Nevertheless, you can receive any bookmaker's bonus in the app just as you would on the website. Most promotions are for new customers only.

Bettors can count on the following bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus. Also called a Sign up bonus, it is the most common type of bookmaker bonus. To get a deposit bonus, you simply need to open an account and make a qualifying deposit. The bookmaker will then match a certain percentage of your deposit, up to a maximum amount. For example, you might get a 100% match on your first deposit up to ₱100.
  • Free bet. Becoming increasingly popular with online sports betting sites. A Free bet bonus is basically what it sounds like – the bookmaker gives you a Free bet, up to a certain amount. For example, you might get a ₱20 Free bet when you sign up for an account.
  • Risk-free bet. Refunds your stake if your bet loses. For example, you might place a ₱100 risk-free bet on a football match. If the risk-free bet loses, the bookmaker will refund your stake. But if the risk-free bet wins, you’ll keep the winnings as normal.
  • Bet and get. Bet and get offers are becoming increasingly popular with online sports betting sites. With a bet and get offer, you simply need to place a qualifying bet to trigger the bonus. For example, you might need to place a wager of ₱100 to get a ₱50 free bet.
  • Accumulator bonus. A type of bookmaker offer that gives you a bonus on your winnings if you place an accumulator (multiple) bet.
  • Cashback. You’ll get a percentage of your stake back if your bet loses. For example, you might get a 5% cashback offer on all football bets.
  • Loyalty programs. Many sports betting sites offer loyalty programs as a way of rewarding their most loyal customers. Loyalty programs typically work by awarding points for every bet you place. These points can then be redeemed for Free bets, cash, or other prizes.


Are betting apps legal in the Philippines?

Only if it is a bookmaker app licensed by the national regulator, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Please note that a so-called offshore bookmaker can also get a Philippine licence. By law, Filipino citizens and residents are not allowed to use the services of offshore bookmakers. Please only bet on the licensed sports betting sites.

What are the Top Sports Betting Apps in 2022?

Of the legal bookmakers, only OKBet's app is available, but it is quite good.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Betting App?

The mobile app provides access to the betting platform without the need for other software. All you need is mobile internet or wi-fi and you can bet from your phone or tablet. This is the most convenient tool for mobile betting. You will need a browser to access the mobile version of the site, which additionally consumes the resources of the device.

Do all sports betting sites have mobile apps?

No, it is an additional service, although most sports betting sites try to provide a comfortable betting experience on phones and tablets. As a rule, online sports betting sites have a mobile version, which adjusts the interface to the small screen of the device, and also loads and runs faster than the full version. In addition, the sports betting apps are not always developed for both of the most popular operating systems. For example, the bookmaker may release an app for Android, but not for iOS.

How do I download a betting sports app?

Betting apps for Android cannot be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. Users of Android devices must download an apk file from the betting site and install it. Before doing so, you must allow "Install from unknown sources" in the system settings. Apple device owners can download the app from the App Store.


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