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Currently, it’s hard to imagine a large bookmaker without any mobile app. The popularity of mobile betting can be explained easily as it’s convenient and safe; moreover, apps offer certain unique features, such as biometrics. The Match.Center expert team did a research and found the best mobile betting apps in Canada. In this article, read more about them, as well as learn the ways to assess sports betting apps. We’ll explain the difference between a mobile site version and an app for smartphones and tablets. At the end, you will find concise answers to the most popular questions about mobile betting in Canada.

List of Sports Betting Apps Canada

Mobile Sites vs Betting Apps

A mobile application is an installed programme that provides access to a bookmaking service. A mobile version is a simplified view of a website that automatically opens when accessed from a phone or tablet through a browser. Both mobile site versions and apps have their own users. It’s a matter of convenience and taste – some people need push notifications and biometrics, while others prefer to open a betting site in one tab and continue browsing the internet in other tabs. We won’t argue about which option is better, and we’ll simply compare some features of each method in the table below.

How We Choose the Best Sports Betting Apps

We assess bookmakers based on several criteria that help us understand how good their mobile software is. Below, you can see what and why we analyse when examining betting applications.

Betting product

An app is a tool for using a betting product, so it should be assessed in its context. A good app is impossible without a comprehensive betting service, so when testing a programme, we assess:

  • Line
  • Streaming
  • Payment methods
  • Bonuses
  • Support

Navigability and design

To assess the navigability and design of an app, we consider the number of navigation tools. The more there are, the faster punters can reach the page they’re interested in. We don’t have requirements for the aesthetic aspect of the design, but we pay attention to convenience. Good design helps bettors navigate, while poor design creates obstacles.

User ratings

We’re not responsible for the content and validity of reviews on the Google Play and App Stores. They can be fake and biassed, so it is worth approaching them with some scepticism. However, ratings in the stores reflect the experience of specific users and collectively provide an overall picture, especially if many people have rated the product.

Speed and size

We carefully analyse the app’s technical aspect, i.e. its speed and size. A well-optimised programme launches quickly, doesn’t lag when navigating menus, and takes up little space on the device.

Best Canadian Sports Betting App

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