Canadian Top Online Casino Sites 2023

Whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started, our selection of Canadian online casino provides an enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience. From classic table games like blackjack and roulette to the latest slot machines, live dealer games, and progressive jackpots, our best online casino Canada sites have something for everyone.

With our unbiased reviews and ratings, you can be confident that you’re making an informed decision when choosing the right online casino for you. Join us as we explore the top online casinos in Canada, their features, promotions, and more. From welcome bonuses to secure payment options, you’ll find everything you need to know about the best online gambling sites in Canada.

List of Online Casinos in Canada

Gambling in Canada: Legislation and regulation

Gambling in modern Canadian culture is pretty much acceptable. However, until 1970, casino business remained completely banned, except for charitable purposes. Eventually, The Criminal Code of Canada transferred the gambling regulations to the provincial government, and the laws soon became much more flexible, giving both organizers and players more options.

For a long time, Canadian authorities only licensed land-based casinos in selected provinces. As for Canadian online casino, they have been fully legalized and started their operations in 2009.

A very controversial issue was the legalization of offshore sites – no online casinos not based in the country were recognized as legal. In 2016, the Government of Quebec issued Act 74, which required internet providers to block users from accessing offshore casino sites. This requirement was then disputed by the Canadian Communication Association, as it was inconsistent with the Constitution and interfered with provincial powers.

Over time, legislation regarding online casinos has become increasingly liberal. Eventually, final regulations allowing free online gambling appeared in Canada in 2022. Since then, the Canadian Gaming Commission has become the official regulator, responsible for control of the industry and maintaining communication with the government.

The Commission also closely monitors the media environment and online casinos’ compliance with all principles of responsible gambling. Canadian gambling is also regulated by the The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) – British Columbia, when it comes to betting and online gambling.

Ontario is now the only province in Canada that has opened its market to foreign companies and allowed operators to provide services in the country. Instead of classic licensing by a common regulator, the province operates the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The Commission has developed an inner mechanism to control and support the industry within the territory, making it more liberal and competitive.

In order to register on AGCO, companies need to obtain a certificate from an independent laboratory for their activities and devices, then provide a list of all necessary documents: information about the company and affiliated persons, pay a fee, and sign an agreement with the regulator.

For now there are about ten major gambling regulators that are responsible for meeting both traditional and online casino regulatory standards:

  • Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Québec Gambling Commission Link and Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba
  • The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB)
  • Alcohol and Gaming Authority Nova Scotia
  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC)
  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA)
  • Prince Edward Island Gambling
  • New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation

Today online gambling is completely legal in Canada and users can enjoy a fairly large selection of local casino sites.

How to choose the best casino for you

It is impossible to find the most accurate definition for the best casino, as most often the choice of each player ultimately depends on their preferences. However, if a user wants to choose a new online casino, these are some basic criteria worth paying special attention to.

Trustworthy and Reputation

The legal conformity determines whether you can trust the site, as at and after the time of registration you provide important data – personal and banking information. Whether you can get qualified help in case of problems depends on the license as well.

To check if the online casino site can be trusted, look for a prominent display of the casino’s license. Usually it can be found on the homepage on Canadian online casino sites or in a separate section. For example, “Terms and Conditions”, “About Us”, “Licenses & Regulatory” or “Licenses & Permits”.

Trustworthy online casinos will be licensed and regulated by a legal entity, such as the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in Canada (OLG), or any other local Canadian gambling regulator.

Only licensed and regulated online casinos are authorized to operate in Canada. If you can’t find any information about licenses or regulatory credentials on a website, it’s best to avoid it.

It’s important to note that all official casinos must meet the principles of responsible gambling. While online gambling can be a form of entertainment, it can also be addictive and financially hazardous. If you or someone you know is struggling with a gambling problem, there are Canadian resources that can help – The Gambling, Gaming and Technology Use (GGTU).

Variety of Games

Overall, a wide variety of games is an important sign showing that the online casino Canada is doing a great job, creating a more engaging and intense experience for players.

From the player’s point of view, it could be frustrating to discover that an online gambling site offers a limited selection of entertainment options, especially after investing a time and effort into the registration process. It’s similarly disappointing to find out that while the site has a large selection of games, they are bugged or even broken. As well as lack of unique features and special game modes, can also most likely turn you away.

Not all players enjoy the same types of games. Some prefer table games like blackjack and roulette, while others enjoy slot machines or video poker. By offering a wide range of games, an online casinos can cater to different player preferences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

While a wide variety of games is a very good sign, it’s equally important that online casinos ensure that all offered games meet applicable regulations and standards for fairness and transparency.

Live Dealer Games Availability

Overall, the presence of live games on casino online Canada can be important from a user’s point of view, offering a unique and engaging experience, it cannot be replicated by automated slots or games.

Live dealers aim to replicate the experience of playing in a land-based casino, with real dealers dealing cards or spinning roulette wheels. This can make the overall experience feel more realistic, immersive and enjoyable, especially if you are used to playing in physical casinos.

As the dealer’s actions are visible to players in real-time, live dealer games can be seen as fairer and more transparent than automated ones. This increased perception of fairness and transparency can help to build trust between the casino and its players, which is an important factor in retention and experience.

Besided, live casino games allow you to interact with other players, as well as the dealer. This social element can be a key aspect of the experience, making the process more engaging and fun. Players can chat with the dealer, observe other players’ reactions and strategies, and even make side bets with each other, which can add to the excitement.

Proven Software Providers

When an online casinos works with trusted software providers, it sends a message to players that the casino is serious about quality and security. That is a right indicator that your personal information and payment data will be kept safe.

Official and registered providers are usually subject to strict standards for integrity and fairness, which can help to ensure that your experience will be fair and transparent. This can help you to feel more comfortable and confident when playing at best online casino Canada.

Casino operators that partnered with trusted providers are more likely to invest in high-quality customer service and support.

Offering Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus can provide you with extra funds to play with, to try out new games or slots and increase your winnings.

This also can be especially important for newer players who may not have a lot of experience with online casinos, or for players who may be looking for a way to enhance their experience without investing additional funds of their own.

Online casinos bonuses can come in three forms: cash, free spins, and combined option (cash + free spins). But for what actions can these bonuses be claimed? Below we list some of the welcome bonuses that are awarded in different ways:

  • Matched deposit bonuses. These bonuses offer extra funds based on a percentage of a player’s initial deposit. For example, a casino may offer a bonus that matches a player’s deposit up to a certain amount, such as a 100% match up to $200.
  • No deposit bonuses. These provide players with extra funds without requiring a deposit. No deposit bonuses quite often come in the form of free spins, that can be used to try out the casino’s selection of slots or just a particular slot.
  • Referral bonus. Or sometimes refer-a-friend bonus. This is a fixed amount, which is given to the player for each referral or a percentage of the deposit of the referral. This bonus works both ways: inviting a friend via personal referral link, the user receives a certain commission, and the invited person – bonuses after executing the registration process. However, usually such bonuses come with conditions that referrals must spend a certain amount of money before users could receive bonuses.

Welcome bonuses can vary widely between different online casinos and can be subject to various terms and conditions, such as deposit limits, withdrawal restrictions, or bonus expiration dates. It’s important to carefully review these conditions before accepting a bonus, to ensure that you clearly understand the terms and are making a decision that is in your own best interests.

Percentage of Winnings in the Casino

In the gambling industry, Return to Player (RTP) refers to the proportion of money wagered that is expected to be returned to players as winnings over a large number of bets or rounds. RTP is calculated by dividing the total amount returned to players by the total amount wagered.

If an online casinos offers a low percentage of winnings, it may not be appealing if you are looking for a higher level of payoff. On the other hand, if an online casino offers an overly generous percentage of winnings, it may not be sustainable and may be a risk or even fraudulent in the long run.

Finding a Canadian online casino that offers a reasonable level of winnings, in a sustainable way, can be an important factor for a positive gaming experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

When selecting an online casino, it is worth taking the time to research the casino’s payout history and reputation, to ensure that the casino is capable of providing a sustainable and fair gambling experience that aligns with your expectations as a player. This can involve comparing payout percentages between different online casinos, as well as reading customer reviews to get a sense of the experience that other players have had at the particular casino.

By selecting an online casino that offers a reasonable and sustainable level of winnings, you can enjoy your gaming experience while remaining a fair chance of coming away with prizes.

Variety of Payment and Withdrawal Methods

When selecting an online casinos, you may have different preferences or needs in terms of funding your account and receiving withdrawals.

For example, some players may prefer to use traditional payment methods such as debit cards, while others may prefer to use more innovative or niche payment options such as digital wallets or cryptocurrency. Some players may prefer to receive withdrawals via check, while others may prefer to use electronic payment methods such as PayPal or Skrill. Having a range of payment and withdrawal options available can help to ensure that players are able to find a method that works best for them, and that they are able to use the casino in a way that is both secure and convenient.

In Canadian online casinos are quite common the following payment methods:

  • Visa / Mastercard are a popular payment method at many Canadian online casinos. Players can use their cards to fund their casino accounts and to receive withdrawals. However, it should be noted that withdrawals in this case can take up to a few hours, given that all transactions are additionally processed by the bank.
  • Interac e-transfer is a quite common payment method in Canada, and is accepted at some online casino Canada. It is considered as a highly secure payment method as it uses encryption to protect the privacy and security of player transactions. Users can be assured that their financial information will be kept safe and not be compromised by third-party interference. Interac e-transfer is also a fast and reliable payment method that typically delivers funds within minutes. That payment option typically does not charge any fees for fund transfers made within Canada. So players can enjoy the benefits of using it without having to worry about additional charges.
  • PayPal. That payment method allows users to link their debit cards to their PayPal accounts and enjoy a fast e-payment experience. Its advantages are similar to Interac: it is fast and has a high degree of reliability. PayPal offers protection against fraud and unauthorized charges, ensuring that players’ financial information is kept safe and secure. Players can also dispute any incorrect or fraudulent charges with ease. However, the speed of withdrawal depends on the linked bank’s card, some can take up to 48 hours.
  • Skrill and Neteller are both e-wallet services that provide secure and convenient payment solutions for Canadian online casino players. Both use advanced encryption technology to ensure that player transactions are secure and protected from any fraud actions, as well as providing fast transactions. Also have inner loyalty programs where users can reduce the amount of fees charged for online casino transactions.
  • Bank transfers may seem a non-obvious solution, given the abundance of e-wallet and payment methods that provide almost immediate online transfers. However, this does not mean that the old methods do not work. Bank transfers typically don’t come with high fees or additional charges, making them a cost-effective payment method for players. However, the main drawback is the need to visit the physical office of the bank, which makes this method not the most convenient.

Customer Support

Players may experience technical issues, payment problems, or encounter other problems while playing at the online casinos. Having access to a qualified and responsive customer support team can help users resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

Users also may have questions about gameplay, promotions, or payment methods, and a knowledgeable and helpful customer support team will certainly be a significant pros when choosing an Canadian online casino that players can trust.

Not necessarily, but it is important to pay attention to the working hours of technical support. An undeniable advantage is the support for 24/7, as well as the availability of many communication channels: messengers or social networks. Above all, however, technical support should be provided by knowledgeable professionals who understand what assistance their clients may need.

It is also good if the casino’s support is available in multiple languages, that can make it easier for players who are not proficient in English or French to receive support in their native language.

Overview Top 5 online casinos in Canada

For now we can highlight the top 5 online casino Canada that may appeal to users and interest many of the offered options. These casinos meet all the criteria we listed above.