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Match.Center is a project about Swiss casinos and gambling games. Our goal is to be a guide in the world of legal gambling for both beginners and experienced players. The professional experts working on our website know all the nuances of gambling games and provide honest and straightforward information.

On the pages of Match.Center, you will find all the necessary information about gambling games: reviews, ratings, lists of the best casinos and gambling apps, information about new bonuses, promotions, and unique features of various gambling platforms.

Our Principles

  • Fairness: Match.Center experts inform you not only about the advantages of bonuses and other casino offers but also about the difficulties that players may encounter. All published information goes through at least three levels of verification before being posted on the website.
  • Accessibility: We cover not only the basics but also more complex concepts in the world of gambling games, and we always strive to provide information that is understandable for both experienced users and beginners.
  • Responsible Gaming: Online casinos and other forms of gambling should be viewed only as entertainment, but not as a way to make money. Only then you can truly enjoy the game.
  • Relevance: Reviews, information about bonuses, promotions, and other details about online casinos are regularly updated on our website. We keep track of changes in the Swiss gambling market. If a casino offers a new bonus or a unique option, we will definitely let you know.

The Match.Center team only works with online casinos that operate legally in Switzerland. We support safe gambling. On our site you will not find calls to gamble for profit or ads for illegal casinos.

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