Sports betting & odds

Sports betting & odds

Match.Center always provides you with relevant information about sports betting odds and attractive offers of bookmakers. We compare betting odds and licensed bookmakers. Our reviews are professional, detailed, and impartial. You will get to know about the best betting odds on the events that you follow. You will also get some advantages like relevant statistics of the matches, the reviews of the best bonuses (including free bets), links to the websites of the reliable bookmakers, and ratings of the companies based on various data.

We are the team of betting professionals. Our experts know every detail about sports betting and they do their best to help you find the information that you look for!

Sports and Markets we offer on Match.Center

Schedule and odds are among the most important information for those who love sports betting. You need to learn the head-to-head matches history and the last results of the opponents before placing a bet or making tips. You can find this information in the Match.Center schedule. Several football leagues are available for you:

  • UEFA Europa conference league;
  • Conmebol Libertadores;
  • Serie A Brasileiro;
  • Ireland Premier Division;
  • Allsvenskan.

The list of the sports and competition will become wider soon. Follow the updates!

The schedule will allow you to pick a game and compare betting odds provided for each team. You can check if your idea of how the teams perform in various sporting events matches the information. If it doesn’t match then you’d better consider whether you really want to bet on a particular game. The schedule is updated on a regular basis. If a game is postponed or delayed you will immediately see this information on our website.

If you’d like to know the results of the previous games go to the Results section. Comprehensive format of the statistics is provided:

  • correct score in all the tournaments;
  • results of the games in the current tournament;
  • standings or a bracket.

Best betting odds

Match.Center experts have a lot of experience in betting odds comparison of various bookmakers. There’s an important detail. We show you the odds of the licensed and safe bookmakers. You won’t find odds of the unlicensed companies on our website.

Why do the odds of the bookmakers vary?

Before starting to accept various bet types, bookmakers evaluate possibilities of every outcome of events. The odds that are offered to clients to place a bet just reflect this possibility. A fee that a bookmaker receives from each bet is also included in the odds. This is why the odds on the same event may vary depending on a bookmaker. They apply different fees. The less this commission is the better for a customer.

Every legal bookmaker has a margin. However, it’s not a fixed point. The margin varies depending on an operator or even a particular sport. For example, bookmakers that offer high odds on football may provide low odds on other sports.

If you really care about how high the odds are we recommend you compare odds of the online bookmakers before an event.

Odds Comparison – compare sports betting lines

There are odds comparison services that make searching for the best odds easier. These services scan various markets that bookmakers offer and show the odds to the customers.

How can you use it?

To place bets at the highest possible odds. Bookmakers usually highlight the best odds without marking min odds.

To save your time. You can compare betting odds on your own, but you will waste too much time. It’s way more convenient to open an event you need in the service and check the odds of different bookmakers.

For arbitrage betting. Special scanners are usually used for this purpose. They have a disadvantage though. Gamblers place too many bets on the markets the scanners offer. It makes bookmakers suspicious, they can declare bets a push or limit your account. You need to look for markets that fit the arbitrage betting purposes on your own. It will take more time but you will get a better result. Especially if you have a solid betting experience.

Match.Center offers you a wide range of odds from reliable bookmakers. You can choose the ones that fit you most. Information about every bookmaker offering some attractive odds is updated live. We check it on a regular basis, this is why our website is reliable when it takes betting odds comparison.

Which bookmakers offer the best odds?

Here is our top 5 of the legal bookmakers that offer the best betting odds.

Vbet. One of the foreign bookmakers that legally operates in our country. He’s not as popular as the leaders of the market. It’s no surprise because many bettors claim that withdrawals take too much time and they’re very limited. However, Vbet offers one of the best sports betting odds.

Bet365. This is the largest bookmaker in the world. They have been proving that they’re a reliable company throughout decades of successful operation. Odds are not the best part of bet365. However, you can find pretty good odds for particular events.

Tonybet. The company is mainly focused on British sports (football, horse and greyhound racing). But it’s not a surprise today. High odds are the thing that really distinguishes Tonybet from the betting market leaders. Picking this bookmaker is the perfect decision for those who like high odds.

Sbotop. This bookmaker pays a lot of attention to virtual sports. Aside from the cool final odds for some events, Sbotop offers accumulator bets winnings increase (no minimum total odds requirements). This can be twice more attractive.

32Red. This bookmaker offers top leagues live streaming. They also have a wide range of competitions to bet on, high odds and a lot of betting markets. This is why this bookmaker is attractive to customers.



  • A lot of games to bet on;
  • Many markets available for most of the events;
  • a special window with the markets of a particular game;
  • statistics and results;
  • virtual sports betting;
  • you can access the live chat without being registered;
  • a wide bonus program( free bets included).


  • it takes too long to deposit or withdraw money;
  • verification takes too long;
  • your account can be limited;
  • low withdrawal limits.



  • Many competitions to bet on and a pretty wide range of markets;
  • full, partial, and auto cash out;
  • special long-term bets;
  • Multilingual interface and support;
  • you can contact the support service without being registered.


  • it’s hard to reach the live chat;
  • Non-24/7 customer support service.



  • 28 betting sections with politics and show business included;
  • many football events and markets to bet on(1500+ betting markets);
  • main events of the horse racing section;
  • detailed statistics and match center for the In-Play section.


  • no mobile apps;
  • deposit method restrictions.



  • Cash Out and BetBuilder;
  • accumulator bets winnings increased;
  • help center;
  • virtual sports betting;
  • special attention for responsible gambling.


  • lack of casino games;
  • deposit method restrictions apply: only bank cards are available.



  • many events and markets to bet on;
  • a wide range of payment methods;
  • top events live streaming.


  • no welcome bonus;
  • no Android/iOS apps.

Betting Odds FAQ

How do odds work in sports betting?

The more obvious an outcome is, the lower the odds are. If a Team A is a favourite in a match against a team B, bettors will place more bets on Team A to win. In this case bookmakers will lower the odds on Team A to win which will decrease the possible profit of the bettors if this really happens at the end of a game.

How do you read betting odds online?

The odds have various formats which depend on a region. Fractional, American and decimal odds are the most widespread ones. Most bookmakers allow users to choose one of them.

In case you have to interact with fractional odds that you’re not used to, you can easily convert them to the decimal format. Simply divide the first number in the fraction by the second number and add one (1) to the result. So, the fractional odds of 5/11 equals to 1.45 (5/11 +1).

The American odds are quite simple to read. The odds on favourites have a minus sign (-), and the number indicates how much you have to bet to win $100. Odds on underdogs have a plus (+) sign and indicate how much you'll win for every $100 you bet.

What are odds in sports betting?

Odds are the number by which the bet amount is multiplied. The lower the odds, the more likely the outcome will happen, according to the bookmakers’ opinions.

For example, the odds of 1.10 signifies that an outcome is highly likely to happen, namely 90% according to bookmaker’s analysts. If you bet $50 (or any other currency) you will win $55 (50 x 1.10) or $5 net winning. Here’s another example. The odds at 5 mean that an outcome is unlikely to happen (25%). In case a $50 bet succeeds, you will get $250 or $200 net winning.

How do I calculate the odds for betting?

Before starting to accept bets on an event, bookmakers evaluate the probability of each outcome. A client that is about to place a bet can see this probability as a part of the odds. A fee that a bookmaker receives from every bet is a part of the odds, too.

Is there an algorithm for betting?

Yes, but these are algorithms for bookmakers, not for bettors. Sports algorithms use particular data (for example, statistics of a team or a player) to predict the outcome of events. You can quickly see increasing or dropping odds if these algorithms are used.

Are higher or lower odds better?

The higher the odds, the greater the possible winnings, so high odds are more lucrative. However, you need to remember that you should compare the odds on the same outcome. For example, if one bookmaker offers the odds of 1.90 for Team A to win and another company offers the odds of 1.94 for the same bet, the second bookmaker has a higher potential payout.

But under no circumstances should you compare odds for different outcomes. When you see the odds of team A winning and team B winning, it's a reflection of the probability of the event, not how favourable the odds are relative to those of other bookmakers. You can read more on this page in the "Why do the odds of the bookmakers vary?" section.

Are bookmakers trustworthy on Match.Center?

Every bookmaker mentioned on our website is licensed by the local regulatory bodies. It means that these companies are completely legal, trustworthy, reliable, and safe.

How to find a match I need?

Go to the odds section of our website and choose a sport and an event. You will see a list of matches where you can find the one you need. You can also learn the pre match odds and detailed statistics.

What odds types can I find on Match.Center?

The American, decimal, and fractional odds are the most popular ones. Only decimal odds are provided by Match.Center. This is the most widespread type of the odds in the world and they clearly specify the possible winnings. You only need to multiply the bet amount by the odds.

Are all odds the same for different sports?

No. Firstly, the odds differ depending on a bookmaker. High margin bookies have lower odds, and vice versa. All other things being equal, the higher the odds, the better for the bettors.

Secondly, the level of the odds depends a lot on the popularity of a sport and a tournament. For top events (football, tennis, basketball, etc.) the margin is always smaller, which means the odds are higher. This is because there is a higher betting volume, and the bookmaker earns good money, even with a high payout.