Betting Codes

Promotions with free betting codes are a common offer from bookmakers in South Africa. They are used to attract new clients and for active customers, it’s an incentive to bet on a particular event or sport. Free bet promo codes are just a mechanism that can activate different types of bonuses. So if you've got a promo code, that's only half the battle - you have to understand the terms and conditions of the promotion in which you will participate if you enter the code.  We’ll tell you about all the details on this page.

What Are Sports Betting Bonus Codes?

A betting code (also referral code, deposit code, promo code, bonus code or registration code, and bet codes colloquially) is a combination of numbers and/or letters, which the client enters in the registration form on the bookmaker's website or in the personal account.

Such bonuses do not require any additional manipulation, and users love them for the perceived ease of use. The bet codes can be used on all platforms, including mobile devices.

Promotions with betting codes suggest a quick or deferred benefit. 

  • Promotions with a quick benefit from a welcome bonus. By entering a promo code, you receive a free bet, first risk-free bet or a reward for your first deposit.
  • The deferred benefit creates special conditions that apply to many subsequent bets. These codes can be linked to an upcoming sporting tournament, a particular match or a fight. They are usually offered to both new and active customers.

How To Find Bookmaker’s Bonus Codes

You can find promo codes in various ways:
  • On this Match.Center page. And it's the best option, as we've tried to collect all the valid promo codes offered by the licensed South African bookmakers today. We also update the information regularly, adding new promo codes and removing expired ones.
  • Advertising on bookmakers' websites. The codes are published in the bookmakers' promotional materials.
  • Mailings or text messages. To receive emails, give your consent to receive information about new promotions when you register with the bookmaker.

Examples of offers with promo codes

Free bet promo codes are a very flexible mechanism that is used in promotions of all kinds. Before you activate the bonus, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. If you think the wording is ambiguous, it is better to contact the bookmaker’s customer support.

When registering on the website

To get the bonus, you have to enter the bet code for today in the box provided in the registration form. Here are the bonuses you can get: no deposit bonus, free bet or cash bonus after your first bet, also a bonus on your first deposit.

A promotion to celebrate a holiday or the start of a sporting event

Bet codes entitle you to free bets, increased cashback or boosted odds. Please note: if the amount of the bonus depends on the number or amount of bets placed, only bets made on promotional events, such as World Cup matches, will count. 

Bonuses for specific payment methods

Some bookmakers try to encourage their customers to use a particular payment method. This is why they offer a bonus for depositing with a bank card or an e-wallet, for example.  

Regular promotions

There are promo code bonuses that are offered every week or every month. Less often, they are offered every day. To ensure you don't miss it, you have to sign up for the bookmaker's email newsletter when registering.

How To Use Betting Code

First of all, let us remind you that only bettors from South Africa can receive bonuses with bet codes from legal bookmakers in the country. Let's look at this process using Betway as an example:

  • Click on the green registration button on the Betway homepage.
  • Fill in the required details.

  • Click on the "I have a registration code" option and enter the promo code. 
  • Fill in the registration form further, confirm your age (over 18), accept the bookmaker's terms and conditions and click on the "Register" button. 

Betway will send you a one-time PIN (OTP) to your mobile phone number. Log in to the bookmaker's website or app and enter this OTP in the Vouchers field to claim your bonus. 

Will the bonus be higher with a promo code? How does it work?

Welcome bonuses are a common offer from South African bookmakers. You do not have to enter promo codes to get them. However, the potential benefit of a promotion with a promo code will usually be greater.

Let's take the Betway bookmaker's welcome free bet as an example. You'll get this bonus in any case — whether you use a promo code or not. The conditions for using the received free bet will also be the same: in case of win, the net winnings will be credited to your main account.

You can find out more details about sign-up bonuses (including promo codes) on the website or in the app of the bookmaker you are interested in.

The main conditions for bonuses with promo codes.

The main thing to remember when receiving a bonus is that it must be wagered. The wagering refers to the bets on sporting events that must be placed in order to get the bonus at your disposal. The bookmaker specifies in the rules the required number and type of such bets, the odds, the wagering period and other details.

But there are also other conditions of welcome bonuses. Here are the most common ones:

  • bettors must be 18 years old or more at the time of registration;
  • it is only available to new clients;
  • you can only get the bonus once;
  • there are a certain number of days to use the bonus;
  • the bonus can be placed with single or accumulator bets;
  • you have to make a deposit before you can withdraw your winnings from your welcome bonus; 
  • welcome bonuses always have a maximum amount. 

Free Bets & Bonus Points

Bet codes can be used most often to activate free bets and a little less often to activate bonus points. How do they differ?

Free Bets 

A free bet is the option to place a bet with the bookmaker's money, rather than with your own money. This bonus is awarded to clients for fulfilling the conditions of specific promotions. You can get a free bet by:
  • registration and identity verification;
  • installation of the app;
  • a series of successful bets;
  • betting on a particular tournament;
  • winning a contest;
  • first deposit.

Bookmakers provide free bets both to new customers and to those who already have an account. The promotions differ in the conditions of receipt, the size of the reward and the wagering requirements.

Example 1. Free bets for signing up

This is the easiest bonus to get, but also the smallest one.

To receive it, you have to create an account and complete verification. After that, a free bet will be credited to your bonus account.

You can wager it by placing one bet. In such promotions the betting odds are often limited, for example they should be at least 1.60. The second important condition is the expiry date of the free bet: usually it will expire if you do not use it within a week. But a different period can also be specified.

Example 2. Free bets for your first deposit

To receive this bonus, you must register, verify your identity and make a deposit. Then you have to place bets during the promotion period, and as soon as the amount of bets placed exceeds a certain limit, a free bet will be credited to your bonus account.

This is usually how you can get several free bets on the deposit amount, i.e. to double it. The amount will be much higher than the non-deposit bonus. But the terms and conditions are stricter there too. The main thing to keep in mind is the bonus wager.

Example: wagering a free bet bonus. You have deposited 1,000 rand and hope to double it with free bets. Each free bet is 100 rand and there can be a total of 10 bets. Once you have wagered over R600, you will get your first free bet. This is the so-called 6x wager or multiplier. Within 30 days of making your first deposit, you have to place bets participating in the promotion. 6x is a good deal, but even so, you have to keep the amount of bets in mind: to receive all the free bets you need to wager R6,000. In addition, the betting odds that count towards the wagering can be limited, e.g. no less than 1.75.

But that's not all. The money is not yet in your account. To convert the free bets you receive into money, you have to wager them too, and in this case the conditions may be different. They are usually quite lenient, sometimes the bookmaker doesn't limit the bettor at all. However if you wager the free bet at odds 1.1, in case of a win, the 100 rand free bet will only convert to 10 rand in your account.

We recommend that you pay attention to these nuances in order to avoid problems and confusion.

Bonus points

Bonus points are the points the bookmaker gives you for qualifying bets. And this happens differently depending on whether you receive a Welcome bonus or participate in a loyalty programme using Bonus points.

Option 1: bonus points sign-in bonus

Welcome offers with bonus points are also often called cash bonuses. They differ from free bets in several ways:

  • Bonus points depend on the deposit amount or bet amount (e.g. when the bonus is equal to 100% of the deposit), but there is always a maximum amount specified. 
  • Wagering can be more difficult, as the potential amount of this bonus can be more significant. 
  • After wagering the bonus, the remaining amount is fully credited to the main account.

Option 2: bonus points loyalty bonus

There are two approaches to loyalty programmes. Some bookmakers charge a cash back based on the amount of bets you lose. Let's say 5% is returned to your account every week. In that case, no bonus points are used, but only the lost bets are taken into account.

The other option is that every bet you place brings you bonus points, which you can then redeem for different rewards. These can be free bets, enhanced odds, the right to participate in VIP promotions, etc.

Bookmaker Promotions in South Africa

  • Welcome bonuses. Promotions designed to attract new customers and retain them. It can only be used by newcomers. Bookmakers provide such rewards for registering, making a first deposit, installing a mobile app or for placing your first bet. 
  • Free bets. The most common bookmaker bonuses. Free bets cannot be withdrawn from your account, but it can be used to place a bet. That's why free bets are loved not only by bettors, but also by bookmakers. You can receive different types of bonuses in the form of a free bet.
  • No Deposit bonus. A type of welcome bonus, where a new client receives one or more free bets just for registering with the bookmaker.
  • Higher odds. Some betting companies increase the winnings on certain bets. Sometimes bookmakers reduce or zero out the margin, and sometimes they add a certain percentage to accumulator bets. These are all types of higher odds. 
  • Deposit Bonus. This bonus is provided only to new customers. Once you make a deposit, a percentage of the deposit amount is credited to your bonus balance. To transfer this amount to the account, you have to place bets.
  • Risk-free bets. In case of loss, the bookmaker will simply refund the amount of the loss to the client’s account. If it's a bonus for a new customer, all you have to do is make a deposit and place a pre-match or Live bet. A participant in this kind of promotion places a bet without any risk. This is contrary to the bookmaker's financial model, so not all bookmakers offer risk-free bets. 

Betting Promo Codes FAQ

Are Free Bet Promo Codes Needed For South African Betting Sites?

No, you don’t have to enter the bet codes. But there are some bonuses that you cannot get without entering a promo code.  

Which Bookmaker Is Considered The Best In South Africa?

The best bookmakers in South Africa are Betway, Sportingbet and Hollywood Bets. They have fast websites, modern apps and a good live streaming service.

How Can I Get A Free Bet Code?

Free bet promo codes can be found on our Match.Center website, on the websites of other bookmakers’ partners, as well as in the bookmakers’ promotional materials or their email newsletters. 

How Do I Bet Using the Code?

Simply enter the code in the registration field or in the box on the promotion page. Then you will receive a bonus, which you can use in accordance with the bookmaker's terms and conditions.  

Where Do I Get Promotion Codes?

On this page, we’ve tried to collect all the current promo codes that are valid at licensed South African bookmakers. Please read the promotion terms and conditions carefully before choosing the right promo code.  Please notice that to get free bet codes existing customers should read terms and conditions as usually this type of promotion is for new clients only.

What Is The Best Promo Code Website?

The Match.Center editors recommend the 1xBet promo code showcase. Simply place your bets and accumulate bonus points, with which you can buy a promo code for a free bet in the special promo code shop.

What is an example of a promo code?

A promo code is a combination of numbers and/or letters that a client enters in the registration form or in the personal account in order to receive a bonus. Example: MC22. The promo code can activate almost any bonus and at the same time it confirms your agreement to participate in the promotion. So please be sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully before using the bet codes.


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