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We live in a world where we constantly interact with data, regardless of what we are interested in. Those who like sports betting are no exception. It can take days to research different betting sites, eliminate unprofitable bonuses, and keep track of current promotions.

Match.Center is the website created by the experts. They are the professionals that have spent years discovering all the details. You need precise and independent information about the legal bookmakers of New Zealand, don’t you? This is the place you need. We make research into betting sites and mobile apps. We review them in detail and we provide you with recommendations that are supposed to help you get a good bonus or make a perfect bet.

We don’t believe in 100% insides and other recommendations for the fast bankroll increase. We personally try many strategies and we know that betting will remain just a fun for many punters. This is why our target is global. We want to show you the bookmaker that you will consider comfortable and safe.

The things that determine our work

  • Integrity. We always get the details from a bookmaker. However, we analyse the information we get on our own. There is no betting site that can affect our policy or the content we provide.
  • Only legal bookmakers are available on Match.Center. You take extra risks if you place bets on illegal websites. We don’t work with such companies. Rest assured that every betting site that we provide a link to has the local licence.
  • Relevant information. We do our best to provide you the information about the bonuses that you can really get. If you see a mistake, just contact us. We will check everything again.
  • We support bettors. We are an affiliate website which means that bookmakers pay us. However, we understand perfectly well that we are going to be paid only for real clients. This is why we always support bettors. It is important for us that you keep on reading our website and keep on relying on the information we provide.

  • Betting is for fun. Around 80-90% of the punters lose money in the long term. Please, remember that betting is not a way of making money. If some people tell you about big winnings just ask them how much they lost before. Bookmakers are the ones who make money with betting instead of us, common bettors.

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Diana Kabicenko

Our Team

Alexander Nadislau

Head of Content

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The Match.Center editorial head loves statistics, and tables, and rankings. Watching MLB nights as a remedy for insomnia sparked Mr. Alex's interest 10 years ago. Numbers were followed by bets, of course.

He has experience managing a large newsroom before transitioning into affiliate content marketing. As part of Match.Center, he applied his knowledge of process organization and interest in new technologies, in particular for content production, to a multilingual project.

  • Favourite sport: Baseball.
    As a fan, I like to know that any match I watch is a part of a cultural context and not just a spectator sport. The most compelling baseball narratives tend not to be sports-related at all. If you hatch a novel idea, chances are baseball has already given it a shot. I'm not pulling your leg. MLB players smuggled out of Cuba? Done. Game played among three teams instead of the usual two? Done. Death row inmates team not lose a match for six months under the threat of execution? Gave it a shot, literally. All in all, baseball offers an endless stream of stories, both about and beyond the sport itself. And I love good stories.
  • Biggest win: To me, betting is a hobby. I don't place hefty bets, and I can't show off a large bankroll. Yet, I do have a streak of smart bets I'm quite proud of. A few years back, the bookie Marathonbet offered an O/U 1.5 on the number of errors in MLB games. For a European bookie, this was a "niche within a niche" market, hence they’ve done just this: Over 1.5 Errors at odds of 2.4 for every MLB game. An error in baseball is when a defensive player fails to throw or catch the ball properly. Oddly enough, some greatest athletes just can't get it right… In some pairs, both teams had two or three of such players: excellent hitters, but bad catchers. Constant errors. The easiest money. Sadly, they discontinued the bet after a few months.

Valentin Axani

Website Manager

Valentin was actively involved in the gambling industry for more than 15 years. He started his career as a bookmaker at a betting house in Romania, later developing his professional activity in several departments such as Online - Risk management, Project manager, Customer support manager and later on the acquisition departement, where he held the position of Affiliate manager. Also, in his spare time he collaborated with companies and websites that provide information about sports betting, sports and betting houses as a professional tipster and content creator.

With a vast experience behind him and having been active for so many years in this industry, it could be said that he is familiar and knows very well both the activity carried out by the betting houses, as well as by the bettors or the specialized websites, representing after all, a part of him and his lifestyle.

  • Favourite sport: I don't go out of the box and I can say that, like the vast majority of those in the betting community, football is without a doubt the favorite sport. Ever since I was a child, I used to play football, to "hit the ball on the fields" as there is a Romanian saying, when I was 11 years old I went to a football stadium for the first time and I was completely fascinated by the atmosphere, that moment being practically a point of no return and becoming a fan of the Rapid Bucharest team. I like to watch football matches, occasionally attractive matches from the Champions League, England or Spain, and when it comes to the World or European Championship I don't miss too many matches. Last but not least, I bet on football, also on the big European leagues, where it is much easier to document yourself and find out last-minute information that can influence the outcome of a match or to check and analyze statistics.
  • Biggest win: In this category, I wouldn't say that I managed to achieve spectacular wins, rather being often in the situation of losing "a single match on the ticket", tickets that were close to bringing me winnings of up to € 5000. But actually the biggest win was few years ago, at the beginning of 2016. I remember that I was particularly following the Italian championship back then, looking for matches that have a history behind them and thus trying to predict a development of the match that would give me a really big multiplicator. Based on statistics, but definitely also on intuition, I then chose the 2 halftime/1 final bet type for the match between Udinese and Genoa, with a rather small stake, but which brought me a profit of approximately €1000, because the odds were consistent, around 25.00.