Betting Sites With Cash Out in Kenya

On this page we will tell you about betting sites with a Cash Out option, about available types of cash out and when it is better to use it. We'll study some real-life examples to see when it is beneficial to cash out, and when it's better to wait until the end of the match.

The List of Betting Sites With Cash Out in Kenya in 2023

Here are the best cash out betting sites in Kenya:

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  • Many bonuses for existing clients
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Casino, Aviator, and other games


  • Wide range of betting markets and over 35 sports

Sign up and deposit at least 100 KES. You will receive 200% up to 2 500 KES for the first deposit, 150% up to 5 000 KES for the second deposit, and 100% up to 10 000 KES for the third deposit. The bonus should be wagered 10X.

  • Enhanced odds for popular events
  • Plenty of betting on e-sports
  • Interactive guide

Sign up and place bets equal to your first deposit amount with the 3X wager at odds of at least 3.00. You will get a Free bet that you can use for placing bets on any sports events.

  • Odds are among the best in the market
  • Huge selection of bets
  • Lots of bonuses

Sign up and deposit at least 112 KES. You will get a bonus that consists of two parts. Each part is 100% of the deposit amount. Maximum total amount of the bonus is 20 000 KES. Half of the bonus amount should be wagered 5X by placing accumulator bets. Another half of the bonus amount should be wagered 30X in the 1xGames.

Create an account, deposit at least 120 KES and get a 100% bonus up to 15 000 KES. Waget the bonus amount 5X by placing accumulator bets. They should consist of at least 3 events at odds of at least 1.40.

  • SMS Betting (the ability to place bets via SMS)
  • Lite-version of the website
  • Casino & virtuals

Sign up and deposit at least 20 KES. Place bets equal to your deposit amount at minimum odds of 3.00. You will receive 100% Free bet up to 1 000 KES. You should use the Free bet by placing an accumulator bet that consists of at least 3 events with accumulated odds of at least 3.50.

  • Sports jackpots
  • Free live streaming
  • Various virtual sports


  • Many Esports to bet on
  • Two leagues of virtual sports
  • Omoka Jackpot

Sign up, make a deposit and use the Free bet by placing a bet at minimum odds of 10.00 (at least three events in your bet slip). In case you succeed, wager the money X20.

  • Many basketball markets to bet on
  • Cash Out
  • Odds boost & King's Combo


  • Perfect Welcome bonus
  • SMS betting available
  • Pick 6 free tote

If your first bet loses, the bet amount can be refunded as a Free bet. You can use the Free bet at maximum odds of 2.00. The bonus is valid within 7 days.

  • Over 45 sports to bet on
  • Large range of betting markets
  • Various games


  • Loyalty programme and many offers
  • Daily jackpots
  • Casino and games

Place a bet of at least 20 KES at minimum odds of 2.00. You will receive a Free bet equal to your first bet amount up to 1 000 KES if your bet loses. Free bet valid for 7 days.

  • Many stastical markets covered
  • Live streaming for top events
  • Jackpot, virtual sports, and crash game

Sign up and get a 50 KES bonus. Make a deposit and place a bet at odds of at least 3.70. After making a deposit you will receive 50 KES. Place bets at the same odds and get 50% of the bet amount from your bonus account to the main one.

  • Betting on fouls, bookings, and corner kicks available
  • Cash Out and Bet Builder
  • Two sections with virtual sports


  • Large range of sports to bet on, including Esports and horse racing
  • Over 1 300 markets for top events
  • Many bonus offers

Create an account, deposit at least 112 KES and get 100% of the deposit amount up to 10 000 KES. Wager the bonus 5X by placing accumulator bets that consist of at least 3 events at odds of 1.40 for each one.

  • Horse racing and greyhounds betting
  • Live streaming available
  • Cash Out

Sign up, make a deposit and place a 20/100/500/2 500/5 000 KES accumulator bet that consists of three events at minimum odds of 5.00. You will get the Bonus Surpsire Bet & Guaranteed Supercharge.

  • 30 sports to bet on
  • Over 800 markets for top events
  • Additional sections with games, TVBET, and casino


  • 888bet VIP Club loyalty programme
  • Free tote
  • SUPA10


  • Daily odds boosts
  • Android app available
  • Good customer supports service

Sign up, make a deposit and get 20% of the deposit amount up to 10 000 KES. Wager the bonus amount 1X by placing one multibet that consists of 5 independent events at odds of at least 2.00 for each event. The potential winnings amount will be coverted from you bonus account to the main one.

  • Daily 100% deposit bonus available
  • VIP programme
  • Over 35 sports to bet on

 Sign up and deposit at least 2 000 KES. Place a bet at minimum odds of 2.60. You will reveive a Free bet.

  • Wide range of betting markets
  • Variety of virtual sports
  • Aviator available


What Should Bettors Know About Cash Out?

Let's find out first what the Cash Out option offered by betting sites is.

Imagine making a pre-match bet on Arsenal winning the London Derby against Chelsea. By the middle of the match, the Gunners are winning by a narrow margin.

However, the game itself is very tense with plenty of dangerous situations. You don't want to lose money, so you want your bet cashed out at undervalued odds. You are guaranteed to make a profit on the betting site and you don't have to worry about the outcome of the game. But you win noticeably less compared to the situation when you wait until the end of the match.

What are Cash Out Options?

Cash Out is the opportunity to settle a bet early before the betting outcome takes place. The user who is cashing out his bet can see it either a winner or a loser. Let us consider both options in more detail.

The user cashed out his bet and made a profit

Example. Season 2021/2022. Match 34 of the Kenya Football Championship round between Tusker and Posta Rangers. A bet on Total Over 2.5 is offered on 1xBet with odds of 2.00. You have placed the bet of 500 KES. Your potential winnings are 1000 KES.

Unfortunately, the game was boring and slow. So when the score was 2:0, you decided not to wait for the third goal. You cashed out your bet early at odds of 1.6 and received only 800 KES. Yes, you locked in your net profit at 300 KES. But it was less than you expected. Either way, it's a great result too. Because the match ended with the score 2:0. If you hadn't cashed out the bet, you could have lost all your money.

The user cashed out his bet, but took losses

Let's go back to the Kenya Football Championship match between Tusker and Posta Rangers. Having analysed the upcoming match, you know that Tusker are the clear favourites of the game. But at the same time, the statistics show that Posta Rangers always score at least one away goal in 80% of cases. You decide to bet on one of the cash out betting sites in Kenya, placing a bet on "both teams to score" with odds of 2.25. The amount of the bet is 500 KES.

As the game progresses, Tusker does score, but Posta Rangers can not do that. 10 minutes before the end of the game you decide to sell your bet. You get just 300 KES for it. You're out of luck. You ended up with a loss of 200 KES. Posta Rangers really do not score in that match, but you avoided a 100% loss by saving 60% of the bet.

As you may have noticed from the above examples, this feature gives customers the ability to control if their bet brings a profit or a loss. So even if the game progresses not in the best way for you, with this advanced option you can always settle the bet early and avoid total loss of your money.

Keep in mind that no cash out betting company offers this option for all sports betting events. Also, any cash out betting site in Kenya reserves the right to refuse to settle the bet early with no explanation even if the Cash Out function was really active for that match.

Cash Out Types

There are three types of cash out:

  • Full Cash Out;
  • Partial Cash Out;
  • Auto Cash Out.

Full Cash Out

You sell your bet in full. There are no other options. The bet is settled immediately. You receive the cash out amount offered by a bookmaker into your account right away.

Partial Cash Out

Partial cash out means that you choose which part of your bet to sell (e.g., 70% of the total bet amount). The remaining 30% will be settled after the match is over.

For example, let's look again at the match of the Kenyan Football Championship between Tusker and Posta Rangers and see how partial cash out works.

You bet 1000 KES on Total Under 2.5 at odds of 1.75. By the 70th minute, the score is 1:0. You decide to sell 80% of the original bet (800 KES) with odds of 1.4. So, you receive 1120 KES (800 x 1.4). The remaining part of the bet - 200 KES – will be settled after the match.

Even if your bet is not a winner, you have already won 120 KES. And if no more goals are scored, the remaining 200 KES will be worth 350 KES (200 KES x 1.75). So your total winnings can reach 1470 KES (1120 KES + 350 KES).

auto Cash Out

Once you have placed a bet, you can set a price, at which the betting company must automatically settle the bet, even if the match is not yet over.

To sell the bet at a certain price you have to do the following:

  • Log in to your account on the betting site.
  • Select an event and place a bet.

  • Select the Cash Out function.
  • Select the type - Auto.
  • Enter the price level at which cash out should be made. You can select either full or partial settlement.

Not all betting sites in Kenya offer this option on their websites or in betting apps. Read the Terms and Conditions section carefully to see what options your betting site offers.

In Which Cases Is It Worth Using the Cash Out Option?

Let's look at the pros and cons of the Cash Out feature and when it's most useful to take advantage of it. Remember: even the best cash out betting sites do not offer this service at no charge.


  • Early bet settlement: no need to wait for the end of the game.
  • Chance to cut losses when the bet no longer seems winning.
  • Chance to lock in profit for a bet that is likely to lose.


  • Reduces profits: amount on early bet settlement is always lower.

The Cash Out type determines a scenario of its use. Match.Center experts advise using partial cash out only when your bet is winning and you have lost confidence in it. Withdraw that part of the sum which is equal to the amount of the bet itself or is slightly larger. You can leave the remaining part till the end of the game and hope that the bet will still win. You certainly won't lose anything and can win.

If you intend to cut losses early, it is better to sell the bet in full. If you realise that the bet is likely to lose, what is the point of leaving your money till the end of the game?

Best Betting Sites With Cash Out

The function itself was first introduced by Betfair in 2011. It has become a lifeline for many punters who wanted to minimize their losses in case of an unfavourable outcome. In the wake of this boom, sports betting sites around the world started adding this function to their offers. Now it is a very common feature and there are many cash out betting sites in Kenya as well.

Here is a full list of them.


What do you need to know about cashing out at Betway?

  • At Betway, both full and partial cash out are available to customers.
  • Your cash out amount is calculated based on the current odds in the Live. Accordingly, the betting site changes the amount for early bet settlement every minute. 

  • This feature is only available for events where there is a "CO" sign next to the event name. The corre