Betting Bonuses In Kenya

In this article, we will look at the sign-up betting bonuses as well as the other existing user betting promotions available in Kenya. The information here will always be correct at the time of writing but betting bonuses change terms and conditions all the time and you must double-check each bonus yourself when you join. Please always make sure that you gamble responsibly.

What Is A Betting Sign-Up Bonus?

Since the very beginning of online gambling ‘Sign Up Bonuses’, also known as ‘Welcome Bonuses’’, have been a big selling point for each Casino and Bookmaker in its attempts to gain new customers. The reason they exist is several-fold, firstly it is due to market forces, once one bookmaker is offering "30 in Free bets" once you join and the others are not, then clearly everyone will be joining the one giving away the Free bets! So the basic principles of a competitive market have led to betting Sign Up bonuses being the norm.

The specifics of the Welcome bonuses on offer will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and they can and do change them over time. Sometimes they may offer an extra cash boost on top of your first deposit, sometimes it may be a Free bet after your first bet is settled, sometimes it is a risk-free first bet that is refunded should you lose, or a profit boost if your first bet wins… the list of betting bonuses available goes on and on. As it stands today the most common type of welcome bonus is a Free bet after your first bet (qualifying bet) has been placed and settled, where you get to keep any winnings of that bet if it is successful.

Sign-Up Bonus

This all sounds too good to be true, and in a way it is, so you would be forgiven for asking why do the bookmakers do this? Why are they giving away free money like this? There are at least two answers, the first one is that it can be time-consuming and a bit of a hassle joining a bookmaker. You have to fill in the registration form and confirm an Email, possibly scan and send in your ID, then you have to register a payment method, and the betting bonuses which you see on offer are the reward for doing all of that. It is the payment for your time signing up and makes people much much more likely to jump through all of those hoops.

The second reason is that the bookmakers really do want you to win the first time. They really do. Because that is how they get you hooked. All forms of Welcome bonus, no matter what type, all effectively stack the odds in your favour one way or another to make it more likely than not that you will win initially at the bookmaker. Once somebody has had the feeling of winning, they will always remember how good it felt and how easy it was and that is what will keep them coming back for more. There is a good chance that if somebody bets once, and just loses all their money, they will think ‘well I am not doing that again’ and that will be the end of that customer. Bookmakers do not want that to happen, and this is why Welcome bonuses exist.

How To Get Bet Sign Up Bonus?

There are specific ways to get a Bet Sign Up Bonus and although similar, the specifics of each will vary slightly so it is important to familiarise yourself with the bookmaker and Welcome bonus you are taking part in.

As a rule, things that every bookmaker will have in common is that you must:

  • Click the new customer join now button on their homepage
  • Fill in your personal details which will include your full name (as written on your ID, your address (which you can prove with official documents), and your date of birth (you must be over 18 years of age).

  • *Register a deposit method that is approved for the bonus in question (some methods are excluded so check what T&Cs apply)
  • Deposit between the minimum and maximum amount to qualify for the bonus in question.

*It is possible to get “no deposit bonuses but these are very rare, and even if you do chances are that you will still have to register a payment method at some point in order to eventually cash out your winnings.

Each bookmaker will have further terms and conditions specific to themselves which will determine if you qualify for and will receive a Sign-Up bonus. Check if you need to enter a bonus (promo) code at any time and if you do, add it! Some websites will require a certain link to be used, some will be time critical and deposits maybe must be between two specific dates, sometimes your first bet or bonus may be restricted to certain sports or certain events, sometimes your bets must be at certain odds, all these things will influence whether you get the bonus bet or not.

Every bookmaker will be slightly different but for an example, we will run through how to get the Sign Up Bonus from the bookmaker Betway:

The Welcome bonus available to Kenyan players is currently advertised on their homepage as a 50% First Deposit Bonus of up to 5,000 KSh. Sounds pretty good right? Let's look at the details of exactly what it is and exactly how to get it.

BetWay sports betting Welcome bonus

BetWay sports betting Welcome bonus

To receive the Welcome bonus you are required to sign up and to do that you just enter some basic details, your name, address and some contact info. Your date of birth is also important because in all betting site T&Cs you must be over 18 years old to be able to play at online betting sites in Kenya.

Register for the Welcome offer

Register for the Welcome offer

Once registered because this is a deposit bonus so you must deposit 10,000 Ksh in order to get the maximum free bet stakes. Once you have deposited the 10,000 Ksh you will need to wager 3x your deposit, so a total of 30,000 Ksh all at minimum odds of 3. What does that mean? Well if you look at the picture below:

Qualifying bet must be minimum odds of 3

Qualifying bet must be minimum odds of 3

This is a bet between Norway and Sweden and you can see the odds displayed as to who will win the match. If you bet on Norway to win, the odds are 2.03 so this is below the minimum odds level and this bet does not count towards the wagering requirement of your Welcome bonus. If however you bet on either the Draw with odds of 3.35 or Sweden to win with odds of 3.85, both of these would count as part of the Welcome bonus because they are over the minimum odds level.

Trems and conditions

Terms and conditions

As well as the minimum odds you can see that other T&Cs apply and you should be aware of them all if you want to be sure of qualifying for the Welcome bonus. Once you have placed the correct amount of eligible bets the Free bet will be automatically credited to your account to use as you wish.

Types Of Betting Offers In Kenya

There are several different betting promotions available and each bonus in Kenya will apply to different bookmakers and at different times. You will not always be eligible for every type of bonus and also sometimes a bonus will not be suitable for you or is not available to you at the moment, but it is of great benefit to know about and understand every type should you eventually come across it. The most common types are Welcome bonuses which require a first deposit and then a qualifying bet to get the Free bet offer, or it can also be a Welcome bonus which adds bonus money to your own money when you deposit.

First Deposit Cash Bonus

A First Deposit Cash Bonus is pretty much exactly as the name suggests. It will be a bonus given to you as cash into your betting balance, and the amount will probably be a ratio of your first deposit, for example, 50% added, but we have seen as little as 10% and as much as 100% before. There are two variations of this, one is a bonus that is given pre-wagering and the other is a cash bonus added post wagering.

Cash bonus

If we look at the Pre wagering bonus first, now obviously you can not just deposit 5000 KSh, get given a 100% bonus which would be another 5000 KSh, so now you have 10,000 KSh, and withdraw the full amount.  To withdraw the cash that has been given to you that bonus amount must be wagered a certain number of times to release it. There will be conditions on this wagering such as the minimum and maybe maximum odds that can be used, the number of times the bonus must be wagered, whether the wagering can be using any bets or if it must be on an accumulator, and also can it be on any sport or are some excluded. To complete this wagering you will have the full 10,000 Ksh to use. After depositing, receiving the initial bonus, and completing the total wagering amount required using valid bets, the full amount that you are left with will be withdrawable as cash back onto your deposit payment method.

A slight variation to this is the Post wagering bonus which shares many of the same features, you still must wager the bonus amount a certain number of times, at certain odds, etc, etc. The difference is that you do not have the bonus to use yet. You only have the initial deposit of 5000 Ksh to use. When you have placed the correct amount of valid bets THEN the bonus is given to you to use, but until then it is as if you do not have it. This type of bonus is not quite so good because you can theoretically lose your deposit amount before you have completed the wagering and received anything. If this is the case most sites will let you redeposit to keep wagering and eventually still get the bonus but it is a potential liability of more than your original deposit, which makes it riskier and reduces the expected value of the offer.

Free Bets Bonus

A very common type of Bonus is that of a “Free Bets Bonus” but the only thing that links these is the reward, getting a Free bet, the qualification and activation of each Free bet bonus is different and there are a vast number of different types.

The best type is when a bookmaker gives you a Free bet credit and that is it, you log into your account and the next time you open a bet slip prepared to place a bet rather than using your money you tick a box and the Free bet credit is used instead, the account balance stays the same. Should you win then the winnings are added as cash but if you lose it is as if nothing had ever happened.

Free Bets Bonus

The next best type are Free bets which you are certain to receive after doing certain things. It could be that you must make 5x bets in a week and then you get a Free bet to the average stake amount. It might be that you need to bet on a certain market or even just a certain event, but the fact that you definitely get the Free bet for doing so makes this a good type of bonus.

Not quite so good, but still usually of value are “Free bets if”, which are the promise of a potential Free bet but no guarantee of one. You will have to bet on a specific thing and then “if” something happens, maybe the game ends 0-0 or your team is winning in the 90th minute but not FT, then you get a Free bet. Of course the way to value this kind of Free bet is to consider how likely it is to happen. Should you be offered a Free bet if a certain player scores in the 30th minute with a free kick from outside the area, this is not such a good bonus offer.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus does exactly as it says on the tin, it is a bonus that you can receive without having to make a deposit into a bookmaker, you just have to register an account. This is one of the rarer types of bonus but they come up now and again. They often come with quite prohibitive wagering Terms and Conditions which makes cashing out pretty tricky to do, with a maximum win limit also nearly always in place. Added to that it is very probable that you will have to register payment details at some point, and even make a token deposit before winnings will be paid to you. Despite these hurdles, some people think that these are the best type of bonus and there is nothing to stop anyone from giving them a go.

Refunded Bet

A refunded bet offer, in terms of a Welcome bonus, is one that consists of placing your first bet for a pre determined amount, possibly on a specific game, match, or sport, and if you are unsuccessful then this amount will be refunded and returned to your betting account. There are different types of refunded bet bonuses and the best ones return your original stake as cash, but unfortunately, it is more common for you to be given Free bet stakes instead.

Sign Up On A Betting Site And Claim Your Welcome Bonus

When you are thinking about picking a Welcome bonus There is such a large range of bonus offers and promotions available that it can become daunting trying to work out which Welcome bonus is better than another Welcome bonus. Here we will look at some of the main variables for you to compare and contrast to guide you to your decision.

High bonus percentage

The higher the percentage value of the bonus, logically this will provide you with more bang for your buck, and ultimately more value. It is not uncommon to see 100% bonuses but there is nothing wrong with 50% bonuses or less. It is most common for the betting sites' Welcome bonus to be a higher % than any reload offers for existing users. If you see any offer of a bonus which is over 100% then this is great value and should be strongly considered.

High maximum bonus amount

Another factor is the absolute value of the bonus, because it is just logical for a 5000 KSh Welcome bonus to be better than a 500 KSh Welcome bonus. It is important not to get carried away though, the maximum Welcome bonus amount will almost always have a minimum amount to deposit to qualify. Consider somewhere in the middle though if that is what you are comfortable with, because the maximum Welcome bonus amount is what the bookmaker wants you to deposit, whereas you should deposit the amount YOU want instead.

Convenient wagering requirements

When you are given any type of Free bet bonus there are usually going to be wagering requirements attached. This means that if your Free bet wins, or if you were initially given bonus money after you deposit, you will have to place more bets with it before you can withdraw. Sometimes you have to wager your deposit several times in order to be given the Free bet! All betting sites will have offers have slightly different T&Cs apply to their Welcome bonus, so check carefully what applies to you. What is always true is that the lower the wagering requirement the better the Welcome bonus is.

Long validity period

Betting sites that give any form of sports betting bonuses will need to limit their liability as time goes on and therefore Free bets are almost always given an expiry date so that each time they run sports betting promotions they know how much was spent in that period and can then accurately budget for the next. If a Free bet has no expiry they would potentially have an every growing number outstanding which for wherever reason the player never intends to redeem, but the betting site needs to keep reserves to cover the liability anyway just in case. From a player's point of view it is better to have as long an expiry period as possible, 30 days is probably the industry average but 7 days would be acceptable. Less than 7 days and it starts to diminish the value of the bonus as you are potentially forced to use it on a Sport and game which you do not really have any interest in betting on.

What Is A Bonus Bet?

A bonus bet is any type of bet which is extra to what you were either expecting to get or that you should get based strictly on what you paid for. Bonus bets usually come in the form of Free bet credits awarded after you have made a minimum deposit and your qualifying bet has settled. There are however many other types, some can be given with no deposit and no qualifying bets required, some are not Free bets but given as a cash credit on top of your own money which means if you have some bet losses you can keep betting for longer than you would have been able to without the bonus amount given to you.

How to Get Bonus Bet?

There are a huge number of ways to get a bonus bet and it will vary from betting site to betting site and at each of them, different T&Cs will apply. It is pretty common to get a bonus bet as a reward for joining a new site, and this could come in the form of a Free bet after you have placed a bet of your own, bonus cash on top of your initial deposit to use as you wish, or a large number of other variations on that theme. Once you have joined that is not the end of it though because existing users can get bonus bets too. Sometimes they form an ongoing promotion by a bookmaker available 24/7, other times they may announce a special offer for betting on, and being rewarded for betting on, a certain event or a certain sport. This list is also pretty much never ending, if you join enough betting sites you will find it pretty hard NOT to have a bonus bet somewhere each and every week.

How Betting Bonuses In Kenya Work

Betting bonuses in Kenya work in pretty much the same way as bonuses from anywhere else in the World be it the Registration bonus or existing customer deposit bonuses or any offer which gives Free bets. Specific T&Cs apply to them all.

How To Wager And Withdraw Bonuses

All betting sites that offer bonuses, both deposit bonuses, and no deposit bonuses, will require you to wager this before you can withdraw the Free bet winnings. Each betting site and each Free bet that you get will have different T&Cs apply be it from the method of your qualifying deposit, through to the minimum odds of the qualifying bet and whether it can be placed on a single bet or does it have to be accumulator bets. The logistics of actually placing the Free bets is actually very similar to placing a regular bet, you normally just tick a small box on your betslip saying that this is a Free bet that you are using. Alternatively if it is a deposit bonus added to your balance then you do not even have to do that, you just place it exactly the same way you would with your own cash. The difference is that you will not be able to withdraw your winnings until the wagering requirements have been met.

Let's look at the Welcome bonus from BetWinner as an example:

BetWinner First Deposit bonus offer

BetWinner First Deposit bonus offer

At BetWinner you can deposit any amount up to 100 Euros or currency equivalent (which is 12,000 KSh) and they will match it with a deposit bonus worth 100% of this amount. You can not just withdraw this though because T&Cs apply and these state that you must...

  • Wager 5 times the bonus amount in accumulator bets.
  • Each accumulator bet must contain 3 or more events.

  • At least 3 of the events included in an accumulator must have odds of 1.40 or higher.
  • The start dates of all of these events should not be later than the validity period of this offer (Which is 30 days from when you register).

So if you deposited 12,000 KSh you would have a balance of 24,000 KSh but you can not withdraw anything at all until the wagering requirement of 60,000 KSh (12,000 x 5) in bets has been made. These bets must all be accumulators and have odds over 1.4.

This is not easy to do! For a start you must place a minimum of two bets because your first bet can only be for 24,000 KSh and that is if you placed the entire deposit and Welcome bonus on this choice, you still need to wager a further 36,000 KSh. It is also not easy to do because if all three bets that form your accumulator must be ove1.4, assuming they are the minimum then that is total odds of 2.74, which is more likely to lose than win, and to meet the wagering requirements you would need to place this bet several times.

So... in summary if you accept this Welcome bonus you are more likely to lose everything before being able to withdraw if you try to do it quickly, but, if you break up the amounts into much smaller bets then you have a good chance of coming out in profit. It is far from a risk free bet though!

Betting Bonuses Frequently Answered Questions

Which Betting Sites Give Bonuses in Kenya?

The majority of Kenyan betting sites give a Welcome bonus of one kind or another, as well as Free bets for existing customers as well. They all have Pros and Cons and the details of what T&Cs apply are key in whether they are suitable for yourself. Betting sites can begin and also pull their Welcome bonus at any time but the best betting sites to currently offer Free bets we have listed on our recommended bookmakers list.

How To Bet Using Bonuses?

To bet with bonus money is logistically pretty similar to placing a bet with your regular account balance, in fact if your bonus has come in the form of an account cash credit then it is exactly the same! If you are using a Free bet there may be a slight difference in that you will likely have a box to tick on your betslip confirming that this is a bonus bet and should be treated as such (no stake being taken or returned if it wins). Depending on the specific T&Cs that apply to the bonus the Free bet box to tick may not appear for certain sports and selections of certain odds but this will again vary from betting site to betting site.

Which Betting Sites Give Bonuses On Registration in Kenya?

At the time of writing, there are no betting sites catering to the Kenyan market that give a bonus simply for registering at an online bookmaker. All Bonuses and Free bets are credited after a deposit has been made as a minimum, and sometimes are only given after the deposit has been bet with once or even several times.

What Betting App Has The Best Promotions?

In Kenya there are many betting sites but not all of them have a dedicated betting app. Those that do usually have a Welcome bonus and various Free bet promotions, as well as other offers and concessions but they are usually exactly the same as what is available via the website.

Which Kenyan Betting Sites Give a Welcome Bonus?

The majority of Kenyan betting sites give a Welcome bonus, and the amount you can receive seems to vary from 5000 Ksh up to the 20,000 Ksh region. Offers can come and go frequently, and often there is very little warning when they end, so check out our latest bonus descriptions and then double check this info at the betting site themselves to see for sure what their Welcome bonus, and any other existing user bonus bets actually are today.

What Else Can I Do to Maximize Winnings?

To maximise your winnings it is mainly a case of needing to take more risks, a bet that is 100/1 will win you 10x more money than a bet that has odds of 10/1. However, it will only win 10% as often. To have any winnings at all, in the long run, you need to be placing bets which offer value. To that end, if you are doing that, then just raising your turnover will raise your winnings.

How Do Bonus Bets Make Money?

Well, this is an interesting question and one very important element is missing... make money for whom? If you take an average customer, someone who is casually sports betting in their spare time and likes to place bets on sporting events which they are watching. In this scenario any form of online sports betting bonus, either as a Welcome bonus for new customers or a reload deposit bonus for an existing customer, you will be getting value from the betting sites. If you can keep losses from the qualifying bets to a minimum (by using the most probable events as the T&Cs allow) and consistently use Free bets on events where the odds and the probability of winning align, then over the long run you will profit and make money.

On the other hand, you could also look at the question from the perspective of all the online bookmakers! How does offering bonus bets make them money? Well they are often used as a loss leader in order to gain a new customer, even if giving a first deposit bonus means the bookmaker is likely to lose from that customer's first few weeks playing, they will have gained a customer who will be back again and again. The betting sites are banking on the fact that customers will continue to gamble when there is no Free bet offer involved, when there is no value for the player, and that is how they get their money back, and in the long run bonus rewards will make the betting companies money.

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