Small Betting Sites Australia

Best Small Online Bookmakers in Australia

Last updated: 03.2.2023

  • TAB radio
  • Text analytics
  • A large range of the sports betting markets

Almost a horse racing media

  • Good design
  • Many horse racing markets
  • A good choice of markets among other sports

The Sports section is pretty well

  • Good for horse racing betting
  • Decent sports section

You will remember the name

  • Perfect navigation
  • Concise design

The fastest website

  • Good for horse racing betting
  • Live betting available

Live betting

  • Focused on greyhounds betting
  • A lot of information about greyhounds
  • A large range of markets

For greyhounds betting

  • Unique odds for greyhounds betting

focused on greyhounds betting

  • Exciting tournament format
  • Tournaments in various sports
  • Your withdrawals won’t be delayed

Tournament betting

  • Great mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Lots of bonuses and promotions
  • Easy registration

Cutting edge betting App

  • Fantasy Sports betting
  • Regular draws for cash prizes
  • User-friendly interface

Fantasy sports specialists

Why Pick a Small Bookie?

When you first look at Australian small bookmakers, it seems like you can close the page immediately because there won't be anything that you can't find on a big brand name betting site. And if you do, you'll be sorely mistaken. On this Match.Center page, we've listed 10 not particularly well-known betting sites. And each has something you won't find anywhere else, despite the fact that there are over 80 licensed betting sites in Australia. 

Usually, we cover the big betting sites Australia provides that have an extensive offer in all sports. This text will be like a small private bakery: yes, there aren't 10 stands, just two, but you won't find that in a supermarket. 

This unique page also required a unique approach from our experts: how to decide who can be called a small betting site and what criteria to use to evaluate and include them in our selection?

There are three main criteria for selection:

  • A local bookmaker, established and operating in Australia and nowhere else.
  • Sports betting markets are much narrower than international betting juggernauts like Bet365 or Ladbrokes.
  • Very limited or unique specialisation. For example, two of the sports betting sites in our selection offer betting exclusively on greyhounds.

Pros of Small Online Australian Bookmakers: Why You Should Choose Them

For us as betting experts, the answer is simple: small betting sites in Australia are very interesting. How do they even survive in a market where marketing budgets are in the hundreds of millions and the top brands consider it beneath their dignity to offer less than 30 sports?

Here are the advantages of small betting sites Australia offers.

Full focus on selected sports

Small betting sites Australia offers invest all their resources in their chosen sport: horse racing, greyhounds, fantasy sports (these sites may not have any classic betting at all).

This can give you a whole new sports betting experience.

On the SportChamps site, for example, Australian punters participate in betting tournaments regularly. In this way, you are not competing against the bookmaker, but against your friends or rivals. You don't get that feeling from a traditional bookmaker.


If you are interested in a particular type of sport, like horse racing, and don't bet on other sports, then the huge selection of sports is just an overloaded sportsbook's interface. And then there are casinos, bingo, poker...

On small betting sites in Australia you can find the races you want in a second, as well as statistics for each horse or dog's last race.


Betting on horse racing markets has a very special atmosphere. Many Australian betting sites retain the tradition of accepting sports bets in cash at the racecourse and by phone. Some still don't accept online betting. Here's the appeal on The Track betting site from bookmaker Anthony Doughty: 

Tired of the robotic service of the online bookmakers? Do you want to establish a relationship with your bookmaker? Then why not try Anthony Doughty!

Bookmaker Brandon Cleary ('Clearybet') has followed the same route of human contact with aussie punters to build an interesting betting experience, despite the company's history dating back to 2004, when it was already possible to bet online.

By betting with small online bookmakers in Australia, you can have the rare betting experience of knowing your bookmaker face-to-face. 

Bookmaker Anthony Doughty. Photo from

Bookmaker Anthony Doughty. Photo from

More money remains in the country

Small betting sites Australia runs are always owned by Australians. And many of the big online bookmakers are part of international betting corporations - e.g. bet365, Ladbrokes, Sportsbet. They pay less tax than local ones. According to Aussie Fair Play Coalition calculations, Australian TABs, one of the best small online bookmakers, pay 6% tax on each bet, while foreign online bookmakers in Australia pay 3% tax.

Small local betting sites sometimes support this fight publicly. Some of them write on their online betting sites in the "About us" section that if you choose their site, you will support your country. They also assure you that they employ Australian citizens. 

Bbet about taxes

Bbet about taxes

JimmyBet about expansion of foreign online bookmakers

JimmyBet about expansion of foreign online bookmakers

However, the flagship of the fight against overseas corporations was not the small bookies, but a local large company, TABcorp, which operates across Australia and has over 5,000 employees.