Best Online Betting Sites for Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the main, if not the main, sport in Australia. People's love for horse racing knows no bounds. Enough to mention that the day of The Melbourne Cup is officially a public holiday throughout the state of Victoria.

According to official records, nearly 1 million Australians a year regularly bet on horse and greyhound racing. Statisticians estimate that betting sites for horse racing in Australia generates several billion dollars a year. The bookies have been able to live off this money despite the legal prohibitions that prevent them from attracting new customers.

In this review you will learn about the best racing betting sites in Australia, their advantages, disadvantages and also the place in the world of horse racing.

Horse Racing Betting Sites List

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For South Australia Residents, PlayUp’s gambling operations are governed by the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice.

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Betfair Pty Limited is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

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Palmerbet is 100% Australian owned and operated horse racing bookmaker. They are licensed by Racing NSW and OLGR and financially guaranteed by the NSW Bookmakers Co-operative.

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WinnersBet. All bets accepted on behalf of Da He. Da He is licensed in Victoria by Racing Victoria (Licence Bl2002171).

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This website is operated by Unibet/Betchoice Corporation Pty Ltd. ABN 71 121 382 607, whose registered office is Fannie Bay Racecourse, Dickward Drive, FANNIE BAY NT 0820 Licensed and regulated by Australia's Northern Territory Government.

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Licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission.

Online Horse Betting in Australia 2023

Australian horse racing is a vital part of sporting culture dating back more than a century and a half. Social change in recent years has led to a gradual decline in public interest in horse racing 'legends' such as the Melbourne Cup, but the number of fans remains enormous. Some people just like to watch the races, while others hone their horse racing betting skills with the hope of huge winnings.

Statistics show that the percentage of Australians who bet on horse racing has dropped by 5.6% and now makes up only 16.8% of all local bettors. However, the money turnover for this sport at betting companies, on the contrary, is only increasing.

Over 500 horse races are held in Australia each year. All the races are divided into 4 groups according to prestige, level of competition, venue and prize money. The Grade 1 obviously gets the most attention as it is a high class race where only the best thoroughbreds compete. These include the world famous Melbourne Cup, WS Cox Plate, Victoria Derby, Crown Oaks and the Australian Cup. The top races are held at the country's two main racecourses, Randwick in Sydney and Flemington in Melbourne.

Advantages Of Betting On Horse Racing Online

Despite technological advances and the widespread availability of the internet, some Australians still prefer traditional horse racing betting - offline. For them, placing a bet is half the battle; it is also important to discuss the race or match with like-minded people, hear their opinions and simply enjoy the company.

However, bookmakers in Australia are actively developing their online betting, encouraging people to place bets on their online horse racing betting sites and mobile apps. This helps them to expand their customer base, become a market leader and reduce the cost of maintaining land-based betting shops.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online racing betting sites that affect the Australian bettor directly?


  • Betting in your pocket. With the development of the internet, betting shops have begun to die out gradually. Finding the closest betting shop, carving out the time and visiting it, perhaps waiting in line - all this takes time and effort. Modern people, whose pace of life is much faster than it was 30-40 years ago, find it much easier to take out their phone / turn on their laptop and place a few horse racing bets on different events in a matter of minutes.

    Moreover, the horse betting site or app is available 24/7, wherever there is internet and electricity. Now you can access the best online horse racing betting opportunities from almost anywhere in the world. On the other hand, the betting shop is not always available.
  • Easy withdrawal. The arguments are the same as in the first point - no need to go anywhere, stand in line, etc. Go to the online horse betting site - click on the "Withdraw" button. Yes, you will have to wait a couple of hours for a successful withdrawal, but if it is not urgent, you can carry on with your business and not change your plans.


  • Risk of betting on a fraudulent website. Even if you want to place a bet with a well-known horse racing bookmaker (e.g. Palmerbet), you should always be careful not to get caught up in a fake scam site. This is especially true for inexperienced internet users who get lost in any unusual situation.
  • Fake user comments. Often, when choosing the best bookies for horse racing, newcomers read the opinions of other "bettors" on various forums and social networks. Therefore, for the sake of advertising, horse racing bookies may purposely order flattering reviews about themselves, which are often untrue. 

We also want to point out that betting can become a bad habit, especially for the overly gambling people. The Australian government has recognised this and is pushing to stop the influx of new betting customers because the internet has made it easier for everyone to bet. You should treat sports betting as a form of entertainment, enjoy your favourite events and only spend a small amount of money that you don't mind losing. Please, contact the National gambling helpline if you or your relatives feel uncomfortable with your betting practices.

How we Evaluate and Choose Horse Racing Betting Sites

If you are searching for the best horse racing betting site, you should not just be looking for competitive odds, but for the best horse racing odds possible. It is a fact that the best odds vary from horse to horse and race to race, but the sites we listed below are the very best and will all be there or thereabouts. Is there anything else you can do to differentiate them?

Bonuses and promotions

To maximise your horse racing betting profits, you'll want to make sure you take advantage of all available online bookmakers promotions.

Selection of horse racing tournaments

It is important that the markets' line up includes both Australian racing (e.g. Tamworth, Gatton, Broome) and world-class events like Royal Ascot, Dubai World Cup, Kentucky Derby, etc.

Range of horse racing markets

It is important to have as many options as possible for online wagering on horse racing. There will be bets on whether horse wins and each way bets, but will they have 'Each Way Edge' so you can set your own places? Is there a chance to bet on the winning distance? Will they offer proposition bets such as Horse A and B to finish first and second? Will they accept AvB bets and exotic accumulators like Patent and Heinz? The best horse racing betting site provide all of this.

Odds and margin

One of the best horse racing betting sites' main advantages is the high odds. When selecting the best horse racing betting site in Australia, Match.Center experts compared the horse racing odds of different online horse betting sites for the same meeting.

As a rule, the level of odds online bookmakers provide depends on the prestige of the race. The more popular the event, the lower the margin and the higher the betting odds become. Sometimes the online bookmaker, as part of the Enhanced Odds promotion, can waive the commission and set the best odds on the market. Then the aussie punters will get the best odds possible.

Convenience of payment methods

The speed and convenience of transactions is an important advantage of horse betting companies. The more diverse the choice of payment systems, the easier it is for customers to deposit money and make withdrawals.

Customer support

The customer support is the face of the bookmaker. When analysing the support quality, Match.Center experts pay attention to the opening hours, what methods of communication are supported and how long you have to wait for a specialist to respond. This is even more important for new betting sites.

Availability and quality of live streaming

It is important to be able to watch a race and bet on it at the same time. You watch your horse win because it is fun and exciting, but you also learn a lot about your horse and also others in the race so you can prepare better for next time. Live streaming is typically available on most Australian horse racing betting sites if you have placed a bet on the race. Whether or not a customer has placed a bet on the particular meeting or not, all races during the day are displayed on the site.

Mobile Apps

More and more customers prefer to bet from their phones, and many horse racing bookies no longer restrict themselves to mobile versions of horse betting sites, but instead offer separate horse betting apps. As experts, we are primarily interested in the quality of the horse betting app.

Technology and functionality

The availability of Cash Out, Bet Builder, Click to Call for In Play betting and other options significantly influences your preferences when choosing a best betting site.

Reviews from real customers

It is important to understand that customers who lose often blame the company and those who win usually praise it. The task of Match.Center experts is to highlight the relevant comments and present an overall view of what really attracts and outrages clients.

Security and reputation

When assessing a bookmaker, we consider factors such as the existence of a valid licence, the use of modern data protection protocol, compliance with verification of online betting accounts and customer payment details.

Top 3 Horse Racing Betting Sites With The Best Odds

The market of horse racing betting in Australia is active and diverse. Almost all of the local betting sites for horse racing offers a wide range of betting markets. Amongst the variety, it can be difficult to find the online bookmaker with the best horse racing betting odds. In order to find one, it is important that the bettor selects the company with the highest odds. Top 3 Horse Racing Betting Sites in Australia with The Best Odds according to Match.Center:

  • Spread betting
  • Individual betting
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Availability of Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Excellent odds on horse racing
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Mastercard Ladbrokes Card linked to the account
  • Bets on politics and other non-sports events accepted
  • 24/7 support

Horse racing betting site of the month


Types Of Online Horse Betting Australia

Like any other sport, there are many different bet types for horse racing. Let's take a look at the most common ones. 

To Win (Ante Post)

The most common and simplest type of horse racing bet is a bet on the winner. You can bet on a horse to win, regardless of whether he lines up at the start or not. If the horse does not win, you lose.

To Win (No Runner No Bet)

A second way to bet on a horse to win is by betting NRNB (No Runner No Bet), which will be available a few days before a race. If a horse does not go under starters orders, it is considered to be a non-runner in the race and your stake amount is refunded.

Each Way

"Each Way" is one of the most popular markets on the horse racing sites in Australia, which is actually two bets placed on one race. Half of your stake goes on the horse to win. The other half of the bet is on whether the horse will finish in a certain amount of places. The number of places paid out as a winner varies according to the number of horses in the race, but usually it is as follows:

  • 1-4 Horses = Win Only
  • 5-7 Horses = 1/4 of the odds for the first two places
  • 8-15 Horses = 1/5 of the odds for the first three places
  • 16+ Horses = 1/4 of the odds for the first four places

In addition to these payouts, each online bookmaker is entitled to their own place terms, and many run promotions offering extra places or higher payouts. This is only a guide.

It is possible to receive your stake amount along with 1/4 or 1/5 of the winnings if your horse finishes in the places relevant to that race.

As an example, if you bet £5 Each Way (£10 total stake) on Horse A to win at odds of 12/1:

  • If Horse A wins your profit is £5 x 12 = £60 (for the win bet) and also £60 / 5 = £12 for the place bet. So £72 profit in total (Plus your £10 stake back)
  • If Horse A finishes second then you will lose the win bet so that is -£5 but the place bet wins £60/5 = £12 plus (Plus the £5 stake back)

Head To Head

One of the simplest horse racing bet types. Out of two horses, you choose the one who ends up with the higher place. Over the course of the race, you will only be interested in that duel.


In races where one horse dominates and so certain of winning that it could be 1/8 on or shorter, horse betting sites in Australia may find it hard to attract bettors. People who wager £10 a time will not see the sense in betting to win a dollar, and everybody will avoid betting on the other horses because, well, they will lose. Normally betting odds on horse racing need to be at least even money, so Australian online betting sites will in effect give the favourite horse a handicap, and you can bet on whether the favourite will win by "over 2 lengths", "over 6 lengths" or any distance up to the bookmakers, but they usually pick a distance that makes the odds somewhere between Evens and 2/1 to attract as many bets as possible.


In addition to the main types of horse racing betting, there are also many special individual events. For example, in Australia you can find bets on whether a horse will fall in the race, exactly what place it will take, etc.

In-Play Betting

Unlike in many other countries, Australia completely bans live betting on aussie horse racing betting sites and apps. This restriction is legislated in the Gambling Act 2001.

However, online betting sites have not given up and have found various loopholes. The most common one is the Click-to-call option: the bettor can call the operator and place a bet.

How the Click-to-call option works: a step-by-step guide

  • Log in to the betting site or app.
  • Go to the Live section.

  • Select the event and the market.
  • In the opened window, the phone number you need to call and the betting code will appear.
  • Tell the operator your code, bet type and bet amount.
  • Confirm the decision.

A bet can only be made if the client confirms the bet placement. Technically this does not happen on the horse race betting sites or in their app, so the legal requirements are met. But, of course, it is clear to everyone that this is simply replacing the Place a Bet button with a regular phone call.

Since 2016, local authorities have been actively fighting the methods of circumventing this law. However, they have had little success so far, and in 2023 ‘telephone betting' still exists. Another issue is that for live betting, this is not a very quick method.

Horse Racing Bookmakers - Detailed Overview

Let's take a closer look at the Top 7 Horse Racing Betting Sites in Australia.


PlayUp is one of the new horse betting sites in Australia. The bookmaker stands out from its competitors by offering higher odds on Esports and horse racing. In the PlayBook section, customers can find free betting tips and predictions on a diverse list of events.