Betting Websites with no Minimum Deposit

Free sports bet wih no deposit is a special kind of bonus that allows a bettor to start making bets using the bookmaker's own money. If the bet is a success, the bettor may turn the free money into real money and use it as he sees fit. It is even possible to cash-out.

In this article we'll explain how to find such bonuses at the Australian bookies, analyze the terms and conditions of the promotions and the key advantages of the free bet with no deposit bonus, in comparison with other bookmaker offers.

What Is a Free Bet No Deposit Offer?

The free bet no deposit bonus is a 100% risk-free offer. This is because the customer makes a bet using the bookmaker's money and not their own. The bookmaker offers Free bets to its customers as a reward for having registered on its betting site and verifying the bookmaker account. The new user doesn't need to deposit any money into his account to get this betting online with no deposit bonus. It's one of the bookmaker's loyalty programs.

The free bet no deposit bonus amount is generally small. It will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and will be different: Some may give  new customers $5, some as much as $10.

Attention! Public advertising of betting promotions and bonuses is prohibited in Australia, concluding no deposit free bet offers. The only way to find out if this bookmaker has such a bonus or not is to create a betting account on the online betting site and check your betting account. It is then that you will have access to all the sportsbook bonus offers.

At the Match.Center we also have no right to announce specific bonuses. However, based on our experience with bookmakers in Australia (and other countries) we can offer some sound advice and tell you what to look out for.

The free bet no deposit bonus is virtual money which theoretically can be turned into real money after qualifying bets and eventually be cashed out. To do it you need to win with the free bet, sometimes several times. Each bookmaker has its own specific conditions attached to the no deposit free bets. You can review the rules of each promotion at Australian bookmakers yourself on their website in the “Promotions” or “Offers" tab once you have an account.

As a rule, a no deposit free bet offer is a good type of bonus from a bookmaker. Though its size isn't generally too big, it's very risk free. If things go well for you it is even possible to start a bankroll from these risk-free bets. Unfortunately today there is relatively a small number of no deposit free bets available. For those there are it is necessary to keep in mind some of their main features.

If you read the following instructions then you will have a good understanding of what's going on. As a rule, the conditions of different bookies are similar, and you will learn to focus on the important bits. 

Key Things To Look Out For to Get No Deposit Free Bets 

Gamblers should always keep in mind regarding any no deposit bonus: the Free bets are not always easy to win with and convert to real money. Sometimes the conditions of a free bet offer are so complicated that it's easier to forget about this free bet than to try to win money with it. Even if the bookmaker is ready to offer something like a completely free bet, it doesn't mean it is easy to profit, after all, this is a business, not a charity!

We can't give real examples from the free bet offers in Australia, but when compared to other countries, they are relatively easy to take part in. There are almost no Free bet no deposit bonuses in the UK. Bookmakers will only offer free bets or bet credits after you have deposited and made the first qualifying bet. In Mexico there are huge wagering requirements attached to no deposit bonuses, so in fact it is almost impossible to grow a bankroll from zero using free bets. And in Spain welcome bonuses of all kinds are completely prohibited.

Here are the key factors to pay attention to when evaluating a free bet with no deposit bonus:

  • Wagering requirements. A wager is a bet. The online betting sites will insist that that you wager (or bet) a certain amount before being able to withdraw your balance. For example, you can be given a no deposit Free bet worth $20 but you will not be able to withdraw before making a total of $200 in bets. This would mean that the wagering condition is 10x. So not all free bets are FREE, even if you have claimed a no deposit sign up offer.

    To do this clearly you will have to place many bets and have them win, in order to be able to rebet the winnings. For example if you bet $20 as the first qualifying sportsbook bet and it loses then that is that, you need it to win, for example at 2/1 (Decimal 3) which would make the new balance $60 if the bet is stake returned. You could then place another $60 of bets either as one or split into 3x $20s or even 60 x $1. Whatever you decide at the end you will have wagered $80 ($20 + $60) and depending on how many won and what your new balance is, you will be able to go again, attempting to place a total of $200 and still have a balance at the end of it.

  • Validity period. It is very important to find out what this is. Firstly, the bonus is probably only valid for a certain number of days from the moment of registration and must be placed within that time frame. Secondly, if you go on to win with that first bet if there is a wagering amount that too must be completed within a specif time frame and all bets settle before the time is up.
  • Bet rules: min odds, betting markets and bet types. All bookmakers includes in the Terms & Conditions a clause that specifies the sports which can be bet on and the minimum odds, maybe the maximum odds too, which can be used when placing the bonus. In addition sometimes you must use the Free bet exclusively for either pre-match bets or ‘In Play’ bets.

    The most common restriction on qualifying bet settlement is that you must only use Free bets on an accumulator. An accumulator containing four horse racing events, for example, may be required by a bookmaker. Failure to comply with just one parameter of the bet will result in a violation of the promotion terms and wagering requirements. This means that you wont be able to cash out the bonus.

In case of fraud on the part of a gambler (for example, multi accounting), the company has the right to block the account.

The most important thing after successfully wagering the bonus is: how to withdraw money? You will probably need to deposit a minimum amount of funds to your sports betting account in order for the bookmaker to link your payment method account details to it.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses for Online Betting

If you are a new customer in the world of sports betting, you should know that sometimes bookies offer new customers a welcome free bet in the form of a no deposit bonus for sports betting just for registering on the site. This is given without needing to deposit any funds to your account!

Type of bonuses

You will register on the website, verify the account (either confirming your Email address and possibly also supplying copies of ID), then get a bonus and hopefully meet the terms of the promotion. If the free sports bet no deposit has won with no wagering required, you can just withdraw this cash. If a wagering is attached you must continue to bet until this is fulfilled.

It is not only new customers who can receive no deposit bonuses. In reality, it is common practice among Australian bookmakers to provide a no deposit free bet to existing customers as well.

Why does a bookmaker give you no deposit free bets?

  • An attempt to bring the customer back. As a rule, it is applied if the customer has been actively betting for some time but has recently stopped, it is an attempt to get them logged back in and restart their interest.
  • As a birthday present. Betting is a highly competitive market in Australia. Trying to stand out from the crowd the bookies are ready to pay generous rewards as a part of their loyalty program. For example, to give a gambler a gift in the form of free bets on their Birthdays, or at Christmas, etc, etc.
  • For active participation in games on the bookmaker's website. In addition to sports betting, many Australian bookies offer their customers a casino, poker sites, slots games and more. And the reward for participating and winning these games can be in the form of a free bet or even cash. 
  • Thanks for referring a friend. The referral program is being actively used among quite a few bookmakers. If a new customer registers using a link provided by an already existing customer active customer, then often both customers will receive a reward from the bookmaker usually in the form of a free bet.
  • A reward for downloading a mobile app to a smartphone. Yes, sometimes you can get a free bet just for downloading an app from Google Play or the App Store and logging into the bookmaker.

How to Get Free Bet Offers With No Deposit in Australia 

The only 100% proven way to find out which bookmakers have a Welcome ‘no deposit’ bonus is to become a customer of that bookmaker. According to Australian law, only registered gamblers are allowed to familiarize themselves with the bookmaker's current bonuses.

Another way to find out and get a free bet involving no deposit in Australia is to subscribe to the bookmaker's promotional E-mail newsletters. However, this way is also only available to existing customers.

As you can see, it is impossible to discover much detailed information on the possible Free bets for each bookmaker without becoming a customer of the Australian Bookmakers yourself. That´s why we will only explain to you in very general terms how to get a no deposit sports book bonus in Australia.

Keep this in mind! Each bookmaker has its own individual terms and conditions attached to their free betting offers with no deposit.

So, how to get a customer Free bet offer easily and quickly in Australia in just three steps. 

  • Create an online account at the bookmaker. Create a username and password and fill in your personal details. In addition specify the email and phone number (the Australian telephone code is +61). 
  • Verify your account. To verify the account what you must do is upload a photo, or a scan, of your passport or other identity document. You will also be required to submit a confirmation of your residence in Australia (for example, a utility bill or a copy of your bank statement).

  • Wait for the documents check to be completed. It is necessary to check the provided information and can take up to 48 hours to do this. After successful confirmation the bonus in the form of a Free bet will be automatically deposited into the account and will be available to you for wagering.

No Deposit Bonuses for Sports Betting

A No deposit free bet is a great opportunity to start betting, create your own bankroll, and put your own betting strategies into practice. Moreover, a free bet without depositing funds into your account is a great low risk way for new customers without any experience in betting to start. It is a fantastic chance to master a new field of entertainment.

When receiving the bookmakers free bets with no deposit required, don't forget to read the terms of the promotion in detail. New customers no deposit bonuses with simple wagering rules are best obviously. Experienced gamblers are more likely to choose a Free bet with more complex wagering requirements.

The most popular sports bets in Australia are on Australian football, Horseracing, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer and Tennis. Many betting sites offer a large amount of coverage for these sports.

Why Do Bookmakers need Free Bets and No Deposit Offers?

On the one hand, it may seem that Free bets are an unjustified expense for a bookmaker. After all, the company just gives gamblers their money. Allowing customers to place sports bets at their site and only in the hope that they become loyal participants.

It has been proven though that a no deposit bonus is a commercially winning strategy for a bookmaker. The company attracts new clients, advertises itself in the betting market and by gaining so many new customers it increases its profit in the long run.

Moreover, even though the bonuses are quite small they do increase the loyalty of gamblers. After all, you are more likely to place bets over and over again in the bookmaker which offers various promotions and lucky draws.

Why Do Bookmakers need Free Bets

It is important to understand that in reality only a small % of punters profit long term, the rest lose! That's why the bookmaker allocates generous funds for their marketing budget: no matter how often the gamblers win back no deposit bonuses, it is the bookmaker that will get the profit later so they act as a loss leader.

Why? It's all about the betting margin or commission which is already included in the betting odd in advance.

The bookmaker's goal is to make a profit regardless of the result. Based on their own forecasts and on what result the gamblers most often place bets on, as long as they can balance their book and maintain their margin, the only way to increase profits is to increase turnover, and that means as many customers as possible. 

What Are The Benefits Of A No Deposit Bonus?

The no deposit bonus has many advantages which is why the free bet offer is very popular among gamblers:

  • There is no risk of losing your own money.
  • You can try your own betting strategy in practice for free.
  • There is a chance to create a bankroll absolutely from nothing without any investment.
  • You have an opportunity to check the bookmaker’s service and quality of their product. If you are not impressed when using them for free then it may be better to abandon the idea of using this betting site altogether. 

According to the laws of Australia, it is strictly prohibited to open an account in a bookmaker and start betting if you are under 18!

Free Betting Offers No Deposit FAQ

Find out what are the most frequent questions of the Australian gamblers and read Match.Center's answers to these questions. 

How to Get a Free Bet with No Deposit Offer?

For new customers at the bookmaker, as a rule, just register on the site, fill in all the relevant information and upload scans of the required documents. After checking the provided information the bonus is credited into the account. In order to actually cash out then you will need to meet certain bonus wagering requirements.

If the bookmaker also gives offers with no deposit to existing customers, then in this case the sports betting options will be more significant. For example, you will need to get active at the bookmaker and play online games from them, use a referral program or just have your birthday the current day.

For some additional traffic the bookies are ready to offer a free bet under conditions significantly different from those of other bookmaker offices! Check information about promotions on the website of a specific Australian bookmakers on the promotions page “Offers” or “Promotions". 

What are the Types of Free Bet Offers?

For new gamblers there is potentially a Free bet offered for registering with the site. Further offers may be available linked to you depositing.

For existing customers there is a huge number of possible ways to get a Free bet. From re-depositing, betting on certain games, having certain things happen in certain games, finishing in a certain position in a race, having certain legs of certain accumulators lose, the list goes on and on.

This doesn't mean that all the bookmakers offer free bets. Due to the ban on all forms of promotions and bonuses public advertising in Australia, you can find out information about one or another type of free bet no deposit offers only after you have created your account in the bookmaker system. 

Do Free Bets Have Expiry Dates?

 The majority of the time yes they do, and it begins counting down once the free bet is credited into a gambler's account. The length of time varies and may be a week or even a month. Each bookmaker establishes its own term limits. At the same time, there are cases when the bookmaker is ready to provide a no deposit bonus without any expiration date. This is an exception to the rule, but such bonuses still are found on the Australian sports markets.

 If you have received a free bet no deposit, but the terms of the promotion don't contain any information about the offer timing, it's better to clarify the information in the bookmakers customer support team. You can write to the chat directly on the website, phone them, or contact the bookmaker by email. 

Are no Deposit Bonuses Free? 

Yes, no deposit bonuses are free. This is their main advantage. You get the right to place a bet and win real money without risking your own. However, this type of bonus isn't all that common. Bookmarkers distribute a free bet more frequently after the first bet has settled using your own funds. This means that the customer had to top up his account and place a bet. 

Are Winnings Paid in Cash with Free Bet No Deposit Offers?

Any bonus winnings from a bet made with bonus funds are credited by the bookmaker to the account with real money. However, keep in mind, if a no deposit offer has a wagering requirement then you will have to complete this before you can withdraw any money. 

Are There Any Wagering Requirements for Free No Deposit Bets? 

Only one type of free bet does not require wagering definitely - it is a no deposit bonus in the form of a bonus cash. In all other cases, the gambler must place a bet with free bonuses.

Sometimes it happens that free betting offers no deposit reqiure a wager. That is, the bookmaker establishes the total amount of bets that must be put down to the customer for claiming free bets in the form of real money. 

What Betting Sites Give Free Bets Without Deposit?

A ban on advertising betting promotions and bonuses, including no deposit bets, has been introduced throughout all of the Australian territory since 2019.

 The only real way to find out which of the current Australian bookmakers offers free betting offers no deposit to their customers is to go to every betting site, register there and analyze the “Offers” or “Promotions” tabs. You can also sign up for an E-mail newsletter when registering and get information about the latest bookmaker bonuses directly in your E-mail.

Among the top bookmakers markets are Winnersbet, Bookmaker, Topsport and Picklebet. First visit their betting sites. A complete list of all legal offices operating in Australia is available on the government website:


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