Betting Sites With Bonus Bet Offers and Promotions

All novice bettors are interested in sports betting sites with bonuses, which is not surprising: bonus bets are an excellent opportunity to try your hand at betting with minimal risk or even without it. It's against the Australian laws to promote bonus bet offers, so we cannot describe them in detail on this page.

Australian bookmakers offering free bets can only reveal their sports betting bonuses to existing customers on secure betting site pages. However, having read the information on this Match.Center page, you'll be fully prepared to deal with various promotions: free bonus bets, insurance, enhanced odds, and more. We'll point out what to look for when choosing Australian betting sites with bonus bets and explain why this or that aspect is important. But only signing up on a bookmaker's betting site will provide you with the most exhaustive information about the essence of bonuses and conditions for receiving them in sports markets.

Bookmaker with Bonus for New Users

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The best selection of bonus offers, including a bookmaker sign-up bonus.

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Welcome bonus.

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Reward for every deposit.

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Bonus points for every bet.

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Lots of horse racing betting bonuses.

Betting Sites with Bonus for Existing Users

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The best selection of bonus offers, including a welcome bonus.

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The betting site offers a welcome bonus.

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Lots of horse racing bonuses.

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AFL, NRL, NFL, and NBA bonuses.

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Soccer and tennis bonuses.

What Are Bonus Bets?

The bonus bets, also called free bets, are one of the most popular European bookmaker bonus bets. In Europe, the competition for users is very high, and local online bookmakers have developed best practises in terms of betting sites bonus offers to attract customers. Indeed, the free bet has many advantages for both the bettor and the bookmaker. Without going into details, we note that, unfortunately, Australian bookmakers don't favour them.

What is an honest free bet?

A free bet can only be used for betting but not withdrawal in any of the betting sites promotions. If the bet wins, you get the net winnings, minus the size of a free bet, and this money is all yours. It's a practical difference between a free bet and bonus cash, as it can strain your eyes for a whole month on a separate betting account and be out of reach until you make every qualifying bet. However, not all free bets are so cute and fluffy.

Accumulator Free Bet

Another common type of betting sites promotions are free bets, which can only be used on an accumulator bet of at least 3 events, each with minimum odds (usually about 1.4). This odds value, which seems simple at first glance, in an accumulator of 3 events doesn't give a very high probability of winning. If we take all three outcomes exactly at 1.4, the total odds will be 2.74. Considering the margin, the chance of passing the bet is slightly more than 30%.

“Mousetrap” Free Bets

Sometimes there are also certain online wagering requirements for free bets and betting promotions. It sounds a bit odd, like paying a car tax + road tax, but this type of free bet can also be found in the betting sites bonus offers sections here and there. The Match.Center team sees this practice more often in countries where the betting industry is only starting to develop, and online bookmakers are setting up frantic claims for almost all bonus bets.

You may be offered to win the free bet money back in the amount of three or five times the initial sum. This won't be a problem if you keep betting anyway. But it still becomes unpleasant, knowing that often free bets are given without any wagering requirements to comply with.

Free bet for betting on a sport or event

Among all the betting sites bonus offers, this is a nice one! From time to time, bookmakers draw attention to a particular sport or a specific match, offering betting site bonuses for it. Of course, such betting promotions may have restrictions like only choosing bet types on wins or, for example, "free bet on horse racing, but no Each Way," etc. But these bonus offers rarely have additional conditions for wagering. Thus, the online bookmaker gives a bettor the most valuable gift – an opportunity to spare oneself from reading the countless promotion conditions.

Australian bookmakers almost never offer free bets for specific sports, but other bonus types, especially insurance, are prevalent in betting markets.

Risk-Free bet

It's almost the same as a free bet, but you place it with your own money, not the bookmaker's. The user is required to have a valid betting account with sufficient funds to place this bet and claim betting sites bonus offers of this kind. If it loses, the betting agency gives the money back. There may also be requirements on which events this bet type needs to be placed.


Sometimes a betting agency offers to return a wager as a free bonus bet under certain circumstances. For example, if your horse didn't win the race but took the podium, or the team led in the first half of the game and then lost. This type of bonus is one of the most frequent in Australian betting companies. 

Pros and Cons of Bookmaker Bonus Bets

It would seem that a bonus is always something pleasant and profitable. Sometimes it's true, but still, by offering sports betting bonuses, online bookies aim to ensure that, in the end, most bettors do not get them. Therefore, the bonus promotions come with an extensive list of rules. Let's talk about the bright and dark sides of bonus promotions. 


  • You can try your hand at betting for free (if it's a risk-free or free bonus bets);
  • Extra money for the deposit (cash bonus);
  • Some of the lost money return (cashback);
  • Enhanced odds ("Best Odds" promotions).


  • It's impossible to find out the detailed info and rules of the bonus before registration;
  • Often wagering conditions are too complicated and even financially unprofitable;
  • You'll never make any serious money with a bonus.

How Do We Choose the Best Bonus Bets

Choosing the best bonus offer can be problematic, especially if you can't find out about them before you sign up and open an account. Many bonus bet offers are similar at first glance. For example, "Make a deposit, get a bonus of 100% of its amount." But if you carefully read the rules, it turns out that almost each sports betting bonus has some differences: some are easy to wager and withdraw, and others are almost impossible. This chapter will explain what criteria should be considered when selecting bonus bets for online betting.

Bonus Amount

We've decided to place that point at the top of the list as many bettors first pay attention to how generous the sports betting bonus is: whether the betting agency offers 100% of the deposit money or more (sometimes you can meet a modest 50%) and what's the limit on this bonus. The minimum possible bonus amount is usually equal to the minimum deposit.

For example, bonus funds can be split into several free bets that must be played separately within the allotted time.

Wagering Requirements

Many bonuses have wagering requirements. If the free bet needs to be wagered once, it can be treated as a bonus without wagering, but this system is usually more complex, that includes:

  • the sum you need to place to make one or more bets;
  • qualifying bet requirements;
  • the time it takes to complete the requirements.

Sometimes, a bookmaker may also indicate specific sports you must bet on to receive bonus funds.

Odds Limits

It's typical for bookmakers to make it harder for a customer to wager bonus funds. In most online betting companies, you won't be able to place a free bet on an event with odds below 1.4. Many bonus bets promotions require accumulator wagering, which must feature at least three events with minimum odds established. Before signing up for a bonus, pay attention to the qualifying bet odds specified in the promotion rules.

Time limits

Bookmaker bonuses can't be kept forever like the library books, so in most cases, the given time for drawing a free bet or wagering a cash bonus is 30 days (sometimes it can be shorter, like 7 days). During this period, the user must not only place the free bet but also fulfil all the wagering conditions.

Blocked withdrawals

Usually, the bettor can't withdraw money from the betting site account while participating in promotions. Otherwise, all bonuses will be cancelled.

How do Bonus Bets Work for Australian Betting Sites?

Except for the minor differences, the sports betting bonuses in Australia work the same way they do in other countries. Getting the betting bonuses is rather simple, but a chance of winning them back depends on a specific betting site.

There are several steps to be made in order to get a free bet or any other bonus:

  • Sign up on the bookmaker's betting site;
  • Make a deposit (practically in every case);
  • Select a promotion on the "Promotions" page;
  • Start fulfilling promotional eligibility requirements.

Further actions will depend on the selected bonus bet offers. It can be wagering bonus money with a qualifying bet or simply placing a free bonus bet if the bookmaker has already issued it to you. More frequently, these are enhanced odds or bet insurance against loss if your horse takes second or third place.

Bookmakers commonly offer various betting bonuses as promotions to existing customers. One of the most probable is bonuses for accumulators.

  • Express Bet Insurance. This bonus allows you to return the stake of your accumulator when it missed out just a tiny bit. As a rule, accumulators are insured when they include 5 events or more. If you miss one of them (but only one!), the bookmaker returns the bet amount. You won't make a profit here, but at least you can get back what's yours.
  • Enhanced Odds. It's not unusual for bookmakers to offer increased payouts for accumulator wins, which grow as events in the coupon increase. By composing an accumulator bet with a large number of outcomes, you can multiply your winnings by two times or more. In Australia, there are enhanced odds for betting on horse and greyhound racing, but still more often on accumulator bets.
  • Bonuses for a specific event. If a big run or a principled AFL match is coming up, the bookmaker may offer to place a free bonus bet on it or insure your bet. In both cases, the bet limit will be significantly reduced compared to how much you can bet without participating in the promotion.
  • Zero margin. Some bookmakers (not all of them, of course) draw people's attention by offering to bet on a certain popular event without margin. It means that you get great odds and win more. With the help of such promotions, the bookmaker tries to regain the interest of a client who decided to open an account earlier but hasn't been playing for a long time. In Australia, this type of bonus is not widespread.
  • Reload bonus. It has the same purpose as a zero margin — engaging a bettor who has been registered for a long time. The client is offered bonus money or a free bet for the second deposit (or the next one in a row). We found one Australian bookmaker that encourages regular deposits — WinnersBet.

Where Have The Bookies With Free Bets Gone?

Some bettors are wondering: why do bookmakers generously offer free bets? After all, the betting company's work is aimed at receiving the money someone else is betting with, not playing for free. The answer is simple: bookmakers are very nice guys. But seriously, on the scale of bookmakers' profits, giving away a few free bets is like feeding a duck with bread crumbs. But with the help of these free bets, the bookmaker can get a new and grateful (at first) bettor. Many people feel awkward when it comes to gambling. Free bonus bets allow you to try placing a wager and getting into the habit without risking anything. Therefore, bookmakers offer most of the free bonus bets to new customers.

Where did they all go? Free bonus bets bookmakers haven't disappeared, they just hide well as legislators are forcing them to do so. Australian betting is like Voldemort — it exists, it's active, and has great power, but you can't talk about it out loud. The popularity of betting in the country is very high (although it can't be compared with a casino), which is confirmed by government research. Therefore, the bets themselves remain legal.

Besides, betting advertising is prohibited by law. According to legislators, intrusive advertising of bets can affect the risk group and push them to gambling addiction. The advertising used to be really aggressive and led to a flood of letters to the government from frustrated TV viewers, who couldn't enjoy watching the game, interfered by constant offers to place a bet. Besides, the government was dissatisfied that ads imposed the idea on the audience that watching a sporting event without a bet is boring and pointless.

What would David Threlfall say about this? In 1964, this British man placed a £10 bet on the fact that within the next 7 years, a man would fly to the moon (the odds were 1000/1). In 1969, he enthusiastically watched as Neil Armstrong took his giant leap for mankind. Probably David would have been just as impressed by this event without the £10,000 check from the bookmaker (yes, they paid it all).

This short story is not about us defending the bookmakers and encouraging everyone to bet on everything at once. It's simply a shame that there's no way to tell you about the most profitable free bets the Australian bookmakers would probably offer you if they could advertise them. We checked out all the Australian bookmakers in January 2023, and at this point, there are no remarkable offers among the Australian bonus bets.

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that exists not only in Australia. That is why so much attention is now paid to the responsible gambling policy. If it seems to you that you are starting to lose control, call the hotline with an excellent customer service — there is a phone in the footer of any betting site. You can also establish responsible gaming settings. For example, limit the monthly deposit amount so you won't lose more than you can afford. Each betting agency offers this feature during the signing up process, you can choose any monthly or weekly limit.

The Law Banning Bonus Betting in Australia?

So what's this law that forbids offering bonuses to customers? Today's gambling regulations are based on the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, which was altered later. In 2016, the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill was released, banning the advertising of gambling. After this document passed, local state governments issued their own restrictive acts. The state of New South Wales has the most strict regulations: not only welcome bonuses are prohibited there, but also cashback and referral programs. About a quarter of legal bookmakers in Australia are licensed by Liquor & Gaming NSW.

On the whole, regional anti-gambling laws are similar to each other. They ban betting ads on TV, except late at night, and on bookmakers' websites (as followed by the federal law). Therefore, if you're not registered, the "Promotions" section will not show you anything but only an offer to sign up.

The violation of law by bookmakers entails fines. Many politicians consider these fines insignificant and call for increasing them, which the government is gradually doing. However, so far, penalties are limited to several tens of thousands of dollars, which is not a harsh punishment for big bookmakers. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, in July 2018, the New South Wales government passed laws prohibiting advertising or incitement to gambling. By May the following year, 19 companies had violated them, including PointsBet, Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Sportchamps, Ubet, Neds, bet365, and TAB.

Liquor & Gaming NSW stated that the fines are too small in relation to the bookmakers' income, and in the future, they'll increase the fines up to 110 thousand dollars for one violation. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Sportsbet betting company earned $752 million in 2018 and paid $10,000 plus legal fees for breaking the law.

Liquor & Gaming NSW almost kept its promise. In 2022, BetDeluxe company was fined $70,000 for violating the same anti-advertising laws, according to IGB. PointsBet managed to deal with more minor losses: it was fined $35,000. In 2019, the same bookmaker received a fine of $20,000 for a similar violation.

Lawsuits carry reputational risks, so after the release of these laws, the advertising offers of online bookmakers in Australia have been seriously reduced.

It must be said that according to the research of the Australian Gaming Council, the bookmakers, whose main activity is sports betting, deserve the punishment less than others. In 2017-2018, Australians spent, on average, $62 per person on placing bets. Separately, data about horse racing stands out in the study — $ 177 per person. So the total expenses are $239 per person. During the same period, each Australian spent $1,017 on gaming (various video games), plus another third of this amount on the casino.

Why Were Free Bet Advertisements Made Illegal in Australia?

The Australian government has decided to start the fight against gambling addiction among Australians. The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill banned bookmakers from attracting new bettors through promotions and free bet bonus offers in particular.

The idea is to protect people at risk from possible gambling addiction, as it's a pressing problem in Australia. The government also cited complaints from people who were fed up with bookmaker ads during sports broadcasts.

At the same time, many advertisements on TV speak of people's high interest in betting. Otherwise, bookmakers wouldn't spend so much money on advertising (airtime is pricey).

It's hardly worth waiting for legislative relief in the nearest future — so far, only the topic of increasing violation fines has been mainly discussed.

Bonus Bets for NSW Residents

As we wrote above, New South Wales has the most rigid restrictions for Australian betting sites. It's not allowed to advertise promos as well as offer bonus bets. In this regard, on some online betting sites, you can find a special mention that this or that promotion is not available to NSW residents. They are not eligible for deposit bonus bets, reload bonuses, cashback, referral bonuses, or any free bets. The only bonus that bookmakers can offer to NSW residents is an odds boost.

Bonus Bets for Victorian Residents

For residents of Victoria state, most of the bonus promotions are not available (the same as in South Wales). But there are a few more exceptions here: residents of Victoria can be offered odds boosts, reload bonus, and cashback.

The Australian government forbids gambling encouragement, including bonus promo ads on betting sites.

Types of Bonuses and Promotions from Bookmakers in Australia

Australian bettors registered on betting sites have access to only a tiny part of all the bonuses that exist in the betting world, especially in the states of Victoria and NSW, as previously described. Let's talk about the main types of bonuses and which ones you can get in Australia.

Betting Sites with Sign Up Bonus

The sign up bonus is a favourite promotion among bettors and not so much among bookmakers. This bonus is given only because the user has registered on the betting site, even without depositing a cent. Most welcome bonuses are offered for the first deposit. In Australia, this sign up bonus is especially meaningless for the bookmaker since only an already registered user can see the promotions for sports betting. Using the bonus as a promo is impossible unless the office consciously decides to take a penalty.

Is it possible to get a sign up bonus in Australia now? The probability of this tends to be zero.

Betting Sites with Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is one of the most popular promotions around the world. A bookmaker offers the customer a free bonus bet or cash bonus for the first deposit. The most common offers are "100% bonus". The bookmaker either provides a free bonus bet equal to the deposit amount or credits this amount to the bonus account. In any case, you cannot withdraw this money right away as you must first meet the wagering requirements.

In the case of a free bet, the requirements are usually more straightforward. In most circumstances, it must be placed on a sporting event with limited fixed odds. Sometimes a free bonus bet can be split into parts, but you usually need to bet in full. You get the winning amount minus the free bet stake if the bet wins. This money can already be withdrawn. Cashout is not available for a free bonus bet.

If the betting agency transfers money to a bonus account, instead of deposit free bets, this money needs to be won back with bets on events with fixed minimum odds. The bonus amount must be wagered several times. The most common online wagering formats are x3, x5, and x10.

Both cash bonuses and free bets always have a limit, which you can't exceed.

Example of a deposit bonus: you deposited $40 to your account on the betting site. The bookmaker gave you a free bet of 100% — $40. You have to bet on an event, let's say, with odds of at least 1.5, and you bet on an event like this. The bet won, and you received $60, from which the amount of the free bonus bet is deducted. As a result, you received $20.

If the bookmaker offered you not a free bonus bet but money, you would have $40 on your bonus account after the deposit. You can't withdraw this money until it has been played out. Suppose the betting company is well-wishing and asks to wager the bonus only 3 times. Then you must place every qualifying bet (with the desired odds and bet type) in the amount of $120. At this point, it doesn't matter whether these bets win or not. If you made them, $40 is transferred to your main account, and now you can do whatever you want with it, including withdrawal.

Another type of deposit bonus is reload. The online bookies offer this bonus to existing customers who haven't played in a while, needing a little reminder to deposit their own money again.

At WinnersBet, you will receive a bonus for each deposit, but these will be bonus points that have yet to be converted into free bets for betting markets.

Betting Sites with No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is usually just another name for a signup bonus. Bonus bets for existing customers can technically be classified as no deposit bonuses, but sign up bonuses are more frequent.

No deposit bonuses usually have more strict wagering conditions since they don't cost the bettor a thing, and, probably, the bookmaker will be annoyed to give this money away just like that. Therefore, the bookmaker can introduce some kind of wild wagering from x10 and more or require you to put a no deposit a free bonus bet, for example, strictly on an accumulator of 3 events with odds of 2.0 for each, which is rarely a win.

Currently, the betting sites around the world, which offer no deposit bonuses at least from time to time, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In Australia, you will almost certainly fail finding bonus bets like these.

Sports Betting Site Promotions

Several types of bonuses are popular on Australian online betting sites.

  • Accumulator insurance: you bet on an accumulator of 3 or more events: if one of them loses, the bookmaker returns the bet. Sometimes if the accumulator bet consists of many events (from 7 to 8), the money gets returned even with 2-3 lost ones. 
  • Protest Payout

    If your horse won the race but then was deprived of the place due to the protest, the bookmaker still pays out the winnings.
  • Bet boosts and enhanced odds

    Enhanced odds for specific events are offered when betting on horse racing or playing sports.
  • Welcome bonus/deposit bonus

    This type features a free bonus bet or money equal to the deposit amount (or half of it). In Australia, there's a scarcity of welcome bonuses.
  • Cashout

    It's not a common occurrence in the "Promotions" tab of Australian betting sites, but sometimes it happens. It comes as an opportunity to pick a bet and place it during the match. The size will depend on the odds for the event you have chosen at the moment of cashout. It may also be called "early payout."
  • Loyalty program

    The user regularly receives bonus points, which can then be exchanged on free bets, for instance. Some online bookmakers have bonus programs: they provide promotional points for each deposit or each bet.

Betting Sites with Bonus FAQ

Which Sports Betting Sites Give Free Bets?

Free bets are offered by TAB and BlueBet Aussie bookmakers. Perhaps occasionally, they will be appearing on other betting sites. We found only the above-mentioned ones when writing this review (winter of 2023).

Terms and Conditions on Bonus Bets in Australia?

Due to the Gambling Advertising Prohibition Act, the rules for bonuses in Australia are also vague. You can read them on the bookmakers' websites in general words with abstract examples. The full version of rules and regulations is added to the promotion pages themselves, which can only be read by registered users.

How to Get Bonus Bets?

To receive bonus bets in Australia, you must sign up on the betting site and find the "Promotions" section. Some promotions require participation confirmation, and others are automatic. For example, a deposit bonus or free bonus bet can be credited immediately after you make your first deposit. If the bonus has wagering requirements, they must be met first.

Bet with one Bookmaker or Multiple?

If you're satisfied with the chosen bookmaker and play just for fun, sticking to one betting site is alright. But if you want to win, it's better to have multiple bookmaker accounts on several betting sites and compare the competitive odds before placing a bet.

What Types of Bets Can I Use My Bonuses on?

Some betting sites offer bonuses that may be issued for betting on a specific sport or match, but more often, they can be used for almost any bet type. An exception might be some wagers on horse racing, such as Each Way, and virtual sports.

The Future of Bookmaker Bonuses in Australia

Probably the bonus offers aren't going anywhere. Even if the government continues to take restrictive measures on betting, promotions are too crucial for bookmakers. Many would rather agree to pay fines than stop offering bonuses to customers.


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