About us

We all process a lot of information every day. No matter what exactly your work or hobby is. Betting is no exception. Bookmakers provide a lot of markets, promotions and other interesting features. You can spend days trying to understand everything in detail to find the best option.

is here to help you. This is the website created by the professionals that have been involved in the betting industry for many years. We help you by providing all the information about the Australian legal bookmakers. We independently rate the websites and the apps of the bookmakers in Australia. We provide detailed reviews and useful tips. We place the companies into special categories so that you can find all the information quickly. We are ready to answer the most popular questions about online betting.

Tips, vain promises to increase your bankroll and so on are not the things we do. Our target is to let you understand what bookmaker is best for you.

The things that determine our work

  • Integrity. We always contact bookmakers to clarify the information and get the details. However, it doesn’t mean that a bookmaker can affect our ratings or our expert opinion.
  • Only legal bookmakers. We review only legal bookmakers licenced by the authorised bodies. We always highlight the availability of the legal information published on their websites.
  • Relevant information. We always check the information that may become outdated and update our ratings. This is why our posts are always relevant.
  • We are on the side of the bettors. Be sure that we will never distort the information we provide to get some profit or keep a good relationship with a bookmaker. We are the bettors. Just like you. But we are a bit more nerdy and pedantic.
  • Betting is an entertainment. Please, remember that betting is just for fun and not for making a living. It should be nothing but exciting entertainment for you.

Our Team

Andrew Heaford

Site Manager

Andy has been involved in the online gambling industry since the beginning and has seen massive changes in the twenty years he has been taking part. Originally drawn in by the “Bonus Boom” at the beginning of the Century he went on over the years to gamble on every sport and at virtually every sports betting site licenced in the UK, always in the search of “value”. These days restricted to getting bets on at the exchanges for the most part he still keeps his hand in but spends more time focused on sharing his knowledge and experiences with us and our readers.

  • Favourite sport: To watch it would be Football if Norwich City FC are playing. To play would be pool, petanque or chess. To bet on, well my turnover is probably the highest on Horse racing but it is not a favourite as it is not actually fun, it just makes me money. My favourite sport to bet on for fun is Darts. You get some crazy swings and there is a lot more maths involved in the scoring than people give credit for.
  • Biggest win: Odds wise I think it was Donald Trump to win the 2016 US election when he first announced he was running, I got 100/1 and wish I had bet more than a fiver! For actual winnings, it was when I ran a syndicate for the UK Tote Scoop6 when the bonus race was up to £500k. We won the preliminary race first attempt and that afternoon I had about £83k credited to my Betfair account, the highest amount it has ever been. (We lost the bonus race though).